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Collaboard Version 6.4.2

Collaboard version 6.4 contains the following functions and improvements: 

  • Update of the table function
  • Optimization for mobile devices
  • New layout of the dashboard
  • Optimized layout of the team administration
  • New Collaboard integration for Microsoft Teams

Update of the Table Function

This version contains numerous updates and improvements, including:

  • Font size and formatting: standardised adjustment of font size and formatting for the entire table.
  • Lock table size: Possibility to lock the size of the table.
  • Responsive behaviour: Setting whether cells should behave responsively.
  • Extended standard functions: Functions such as copying, locking, pinning, linking, creating QuickLinks, adding comments and exporting are now available for all elements in the table.
  • Improved import function: Extended support for copying content from Excel or other table formats into Collaboard, including the transfer of cell colours and simple font formatting.

    Availability: For all users.
Tabelle Version 2

Optimization for Mobile Devices

We have further improved the use of Collaboard on smartphones:

  • Responsive dashboard: View all your boards and scroll through the overview easily.
  • Focus mode for open boards: When you open a board on your smartphone, it is displayed in focus mode. This allows you to view the contents of a board without accidentally making changes.

Availability: For all users.
Collaboard Mobile Device

New Layout of the Dashboard

We have redesigned the dashboard where you can switch between projects, rooms, profile, subscription, team management and settings. The new layout is clearer and improves accessibility.

Availability: For all users.

New Dashboard Menu

Optimised Layout of the Team Administration

We have optimised the layout of the team administration so that all licensed users and invited users are now displayed in a single table. The following processes are supported:

  • Adding a new user
  • Import users from a file
  • Export user list as CSV
  • Edit users and change licence status manually

Availability: From the Basic subscription
Collaboard New Member Page

New Collaboard integration for Microsoft Teams

With the new Collaboard integration for Microsoft Teams, Collaboard can be used even more easily in MS Teams. The following scenarios are supported:

  • Embedded board in MS Teams Call: Enables simultaneous work in Collaboard during a call.
  • Add boards as tab: Integrate boards in an MS Teams channel as a tab.
  • Collaboard app in Microsoft Teams: Add the Collaboard app on the left-hand side to be able to open the app directly in MS Teams at any time.
Availability: Organisations that use Microsoft Teams
Collaboard MS Teams Integration

Collaboard Version 6.4

Collaboard version 6.4 contains the following features and upgrades: 

  • Table 
  • Crop Images 
  • New Webex integration of Collaboard


The new Table feature in Collaboard is designed to enrich your content organization and collaboration experience. Here's what you can now do with tables in Collaboard:

  • Flexible Organization: Easily move columns and rows to structure your data precisely how you need it.
  • Customized Cell Formatting: Tailor the appearance of your tables by adjusting the frame and background of each cell independently.
  • Enhanced Cell Content: Insert text and fix objects within cells for a seamless integration of data and visuals.
  • Seamless creation from other tables: Effortlessly create tables by copying and pasting directly from Excel.
  • Export Capability: Export your tables as .csv files directly from Collaboard for use in other applications or for data analysis.

Availability: All users

Table Collaboard

Crop Images

Enhance your images with our new cropping tool, designed for precision and ease of use. Here’s how it elevates your editing process:

  • Crop Mode Activation: Simply select an image to activate crop mode.
  • Adjust with Ease: Fine-tune the crop area by dragging the corners or sides of the visible highlighted box.
  • Precise Control: Decide exactly which parts of the image you wish to retain or remove, allowing for meticulous editing.

Availability: All users




Crop Images Collaboard

Webex Integration

With the Collaboard app for Webex, you can bring the complete Collaboard whiteboard experience directly into your video conferencing solution. You can open Collaboard directly in conferences or add it as a tab in the spaces in Webex.

Read more




Collaboard in Webex Call

Collaboard Version 6.3.1

Collaboard version 6.3.1 contains the following features and upgrades: 

  • Upload audio files
  • Record audio 
  • Add comments to objects much faster
  • Faster and easier to invite someone to your Collaboard project
  • Get-Attention: Now by default set on "select all"

Upload and Record Audio

Upload your favorite song, your voice message, or some nice music to play during your Collaboard sessions. 

The new audio support for Collaboard supports many different formats such as .mp3, .wav, .m4a, .ogg, and .weba files. 

The Record Audio feature also allows you to record your audio directly in Collaboard.  Create a memo or record a song for your attendees. 

Availability: All users




Support for Audio Files

Add Comments to Objects Faster

Adding comments to objects in Collaboard has become much faster. Now, it is possible to add a comment to an object directly from the context menu. Under "More," you will now find the option to add comments. 

Adding comments to any location on the canvas with the left toolbar or using the keyboard shortcut "C" is still possible. 

Availability: All users




New Comment in Toolbar-1

Inviting People to your Collaboard Project is Easier and Faster

We revamped the sharing experience to make it simpler and faster. This leads to an optimized user experience on devices with smaller screen sizes. The primary option is the copy of the sharing link instead of the invitation by email. 

Availability: All users




New Sharing Options

Collaboard Version 6.3.0

Collaboard version 6.3.0 contains the following features and upgrades: 

  • Updated area selection to work on touching the object only
  • Added rotation indicator and rotation snapping using SHIFT, updated rotation cursor
  • Optimization for Embedded Objects: canvas zoom does not zoom in the embed window, Interactivity is enabled on click, not when just moving the embed
  • Voting/Rating: Improved accessibility and UX (font size on controls, background color changes, object selection)
  • Line: Support rotation of lines. Support of grouping lines


Collaboard Version 6.2.0

Collaboard version 6.2.0 contains the following features and upgrades: 

  • Personal Templates
  • Activity Logbook
  • Board Versions


Personal Templates

Every user has the option to create and manage personal templates. It allows to easily create reusable templates from favorite objects on the board and add them to any board, anytime.

Read here how it works

Availability: Advanced & Enterprise Subscription




Personal Templates

Activity Logbook

The Activity Logbook lists in detail all activities that are performed on the board by users. This serves as an overview of what has happened on the board, and deleted items can also be restored through it.

Read here how it works

Availability: Advanced & Enterprise Subscription

Activity Logbook

Board Versions

The version feature allows you to save at any time a version of your board. You can use this to restore a saved version of your board. When you restore, you will get create a new board from the version you have saved.

Read here how it works

Availability: Advanced & Enterprise Subscription


Board Versions-1

Collaboard Version 6.1.1

Collaboard version 6.1.1 contains the following features and upgrades: 

  • Share a project with facilitator permissions
  • Customize in-app colors for sticky notes, text & shapes 


Share project with facilitator permissions

When you invite other people to join your project (=board), you can now choose if they shall have immediate facilitator permissions. 

Availability: Advanced & Enterprise Subscription

Share with facilitator permissions

Custom color palette

Define which colors are available as preset for your users. It is possible to define color presets for sticky notes, text, shapes, and project backgrounds. 

Availability: Enterprise Subscription


Custom Color Palette

Collaboard Version 6.1.0

We are happy to announce the Collaboard version 6.1.0 that will be available in the next days.

Collaboard version 6.1.0 contains the following features and upgrades: 

  • Pin feature
  • Upgrade to the lock feature
  • New font: Neuland
  • Export user list

Pin feature

Pin objects to the canvas to immobilize them. Pinned objects can't be moved, but users can edit the content. 

To prevent inexperienced users from moving your content by accident, you lock it. But sometimes, this is too rigid, and you want that your attendees can add or edit the text on a sticky note, but you don't want to move it around. This is why we introduced the pin feature.

Watch the How-To-Video

Availability: Advanced & Enterprise Subscription, Facilitator Permissions


Upgrade lock feature

We extended the operations. that you can do with a locked object, like: 

  • Copy
  • Hide
  • Pin
  • Create a quick link
  • Copy the link of the locked object
  • Create a link to another object
  • Export locked objects as image, pdf and text

Watch the How-To-Video

Availability: Advanced & Enterprise Subscription, Facilitator Permissions


New font: Neuland

The Neuland font is a font used by facilitators and trainings in real-life when writing on flipcharts. To create a similar experience, we added this font to Collaboard.

The Neuland font is a great addition to the 24 available fonts that allow you to create stunning whiteboards that impress your attendees.

Availability: All users


Export user list

Now it is possible to download a list of all users of your subscription. 


Availability:  Basic, Advanced and Enterprise Subscription for users who have the subscription manager role


Collaboard Version 6.0.0

We are happy to announce the Collaboard version 6.0.0. With this new release we start to provide you with the detailed release notes on this website. 

Collaboard version 6.0.0 contains the following features and upgrades: 

  • Focus mode
  • Presentation mode upgrade
  • Set start view for your board
  • New menu for sharing boards
  • Manage sharing-links
  • User presence improvements
  • Toolbar improvements
  • Left panel improvements
  • Delete account option
  • Introducing: Collaboard settings
  • Generate API Keys
  • Custom welcome video
  • SSO: Allow SAML certificates for encryption



Focus Mode

Focus Mode allows you to hide all the user interface's control elements. When the focus mode is active, you can still move objects on the board, but all other controls are invisible.

We implemented Focus Mode to improve the experience when Collaboard is used for presentation. Read more

Availability: Advanced & Enterprise Subscription, Facilitator Permissions


Presentation Mode upgrade

When presentation mode is activated, two buttons are now available to easily switch between Quick Links. This makes the presentation experience in Collaboard more similar to other presentation tools where you can easily switch between slides.

Availability: Advanced & Enterprise Subscription, Facilitator role


Set start view for your board

Users can now set the start view of the board using a Quick Link for this. When the start view is set, all people entering this board are automatically directed to the start view. 

This allows facilitators to control what users see when entering a board. Read more

Availability: Advanced & Enterprise Subscription, Facilitator role


New menu for sharing boards

Since the vast majority of Collaboard users create links to share a board, we have made this part the focus of the "Share Project" function. There is now a menu where you can switch between sharing via a link or inviting via email.

Availability: All subscriptions and users with permissions to share a board


Manage sharing-links

All the links that are created for sharing a project are stored, and board owners can manage these links. Two things can be done: 

  1. Copy an existing link to share it again or with others
  2. Delete an existing link to prevent people from accessing your board with this link.

Availability: All subscriptions. Only board owners can manage the links.


User Presence improvements

We have optimized the user presence feature that displays the mouse pointers of users in real-time on the board.

The feature is now much faster and more reliable. 

Based on feedback from many users, the user presence feature is on by default. This means you will see a user's mouse pointer when he enters the board. Disabling mouse pointers for single users or all users is an option. 

Availability: All subscriptions


Toolbar improvements

We re-arranged the upper right toolbar to reduce complexity and make less often used features available on a second level.  Additionally, there is now an explanatory text for every feature on the second level. 

The following changes have been implemented: 

  • The export feature, settings, and help have been moved to the second level
  • The grid can now be activated under the settings

Availability: All subscriptions



Left panel improvements

The left panel is primarily used to add media, upload documents and add shapes. 

Previously the left panel closed itself automatically when an object had been added to the canvas. We change this behavior so that the panel is now open until the user closes it. 

This improves the experience when users need to add multiple shapes. For example, users can add all the shapes needed without re-opening the panel when creating a diagram or designing a workflow.

Availability: All subscriptions


Delete account option

This new option allows users to delete their Collaboard account. The new option is enabled in the user profile.

Availability: All subscriptions


Introducing: Collaboard Settings

Collaboard settings provide more autonomy to Collaboard admins to manage their Collaboard subscription/installation. 

Branding: It is possible to customize the branding of Collaboard for the organizations. 

Tenant configuration: Administrators can enable/disable features and customize other application parts. 

SSO Settings: When an organization uses SSO, SSO configuration can be created and changed via the Collaboard settings.

Availability: Enterprise Subscription


Generate API-Keys

Every user can create an API key to allow third-party applications to authenticate on their behalf. 

Availability: Advanced & Enterprise Subscription


Custom welcome video

Customer can use their customized welcome video. This video will be displayed instead of the standard Collaboard welcome video.

This feature can be implemented on demand. If you like to try it out, please contact us. 

Availability: Enterprise Subscription


SSO: Allow SAML certificates for encryption

If you are using SAML for authentication, Collaboard supports now certificates for SAML encryption. 

If you are interested to use SAML certificates for encryption please contact us. 

Availability: Enterprise Subscription