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Online Whiteboard for the Defense Industry

Collaboard supports collaborative activities in remote and hybrid meetings, workshops, agile planning, and on-site sessions in war rooms. 

  • Allows to work with Impact Level 5&6 data in the U.S. DoD

  • Trusted by governments and defense companies worldwide

  • Flexible hosting options and customizable solution
Collaboard Defense Examples

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The Key for Successful Collaboration in the Defense Industry

Collaboard is an online whiteboard and team collaboration tool that lets you work together in real-time, visually, ideal for hosting workshops, managing agile projects, facilitating training sessions, and conducting engaging online lessons.


Location Independent Teamwork
Location-independent Teamwork

Online whiteboards enable team members to work together from anywhere. Physical distance is no longer an obstacle for brainstorming sessions, planning meetings or creative exchanges.

Documentation and Reusability

Everything that is written or drawn on the whiteboard is saved automatically and can be reused later. Either from remote, hybrid or on-site sessions. This makes it easier to document meetings and track the development of ideas.

People on the same page
Get People on the same page, fast

Online whiteboards make it possible to integrate various media and content, such as images, documents, videos and links to external resources. This simplifies the presentation of complex ideas and encourages creativity.

Mission Ready Security

Secure Hosting Options

Collaboard allows you to host your online whiteboard wherever you want: On-Premises, Private Cloud, or Government Cloud.

  • Operates in fully isolated environments

  • Deployable in any public and private cloud environment

  • Fast and easy installation as virtual appliance or via HELM chart in any Kubernetes environment
Secure Hosting Options-1

Available on IronBank

Ironbank, operated by Platform One, is an accredited repository for containerized software.

The core mission of Ironbank is to supply secure, hardened, and accredited container images that align with the DoD's stringent security requirements.

Collaboard's presence on Iron Bank demonstrates that it has successfully passed daily security checks and met the stringent requirements of the U.S. DoD

Iron Bank-1

FIPS 140-2 Compliant and ISO 27001 Certified

Collaboard alignings with Impact Levels 5 and 6 (IL5 and IL6) – standards that represent the highest levels of data protection.



Implement the Following Use Cases with Collaboard

Solve Complex Problems, Fast

Enable dynamic and interactive brainstorming sessions, allowing teams to collaboratively generate ideas, strategies, and solutions in real-time, supporting innovation and problem-solving across departments.

Solve Complex Problems

Agile Project Management

Utilize Collaboard for agile project management, providing a visual organization of tasks, sprints, and milestones to support adaptive planning, evolutionary development, and continual improvement.

Agile Project Management

PowerPoint Replacement for Presentations

Provide a dynamic alternative to traditional presentations, enhancing engagement through interactive briefings, reports, and instructional sessions with real-time collaboration.


PowerPoint Replacement

Create Roadmaps

Enable the development of visual roadmaps, outlining strategic plans, project timelines, and development milestones, facilitating clear communication of long-term goals and priorities.


Create Roadmaps

Crisis Response and Planning

Leverage the online whiteboard for crisis response planning, enabling quick team assembly, critical information sharing, and strategy development for emergency responses.


Crisis Response and Planning

Remote Training and Certification Programs

Implement remote training and certification programs to facilitate essential training for employees, beneficial for those in remote locations or deployed.


Brainstorming (1)

4 Reasons Why the Defense Industry is Using Collaboard

Encourage Collaboration Across Divisions

Facilitate collaboration among diverse divisions, breaking down organizational silos effortlessly. Collaboard's intuitive interface enables quick and seamless contribution from all members, fostering a culture of cooperation.

Bring Together Top Talent Effortlessly

Not everyone is in the office everyday. With Collaboard, assembling the best minds takes mere seconds, regardless of their location. This not only saves on travel costs but also ensures access to top talent for problem-solving.

Support for all Meeting Scenarios

As organizations adapt to diverse work setups, Collaboard proves versatile. Whether teams are fully remote, operating in a hybrid model, or conducting on-site sessions, Collaboard remains the optimal choice. It facilitates digital documentation during in-person meetings and provides a robust platform for remote and hybrid gatherings.

Solve Complex Problems without any Slide limits

PowerPoint slides are not designed for solving complex problems that require extensive visualization. Collaboard's expansive whiteboard canvas eliminates space constraints. Real-time interactive features further enhance collaboration, making problem-solving more effective.

Consumer-Grade Experience

The Collaboard application provides an easy-to-use and fast-to-learn user interface. It has a fresh and modern look and feel, and allows every user to be productive within minutes.

Due to the beautiful user interface with Italian design, over 2 Million people love to work with Collaboard. 

Consumer Grade Experience


Collaboard provides many options to customize it according to security and user preferences.  From branding up to customizable access permissions with Collaboard you can adapt the online whiteboard to your organizations needs. 

Customizable (1)

Overview Collaboard Features

Whiteboard Elements
Whiteboard Elements

Sticky notes, digital pens, shapes, lines, diagramming features and comments provide a sophisticated whiteboard experience. 

Whiteboard Templates

Over 150 pre-made and customizable templates allow people to start fast with Collaboard. Organizations and users can store their own templates and make them available to others. 

Facilitator Features
Facilitator Features

Collaboard offers a wide range of facilitator features to steer and control whats happening during a session. 

Decision Making

Voting and Ration features allow for fast feedback gathering and decision making. 

Multimedia Content
Multimedia Content

Work with pictures, audio recordings, and videos and create a lively and immersive collaborative experience. 

Live Map Integration
Integrate Maps and more

Integrate other web-based content via iFrame on your whiteboard. 

Secure User Authentication
Secure User Authentication

Ensure content is only seen by people with the according authorization. Beside secure authentications options Collaboard provides a sophisticated permission management system coupable with AD-groups. 

Activity Logbook Overview
Activity Logbook

All actions on the board are logged and facilitators can overview who has created which content. The Activity Logbook can be turned on/off dependent on the use case. 


Collaboard offers various integration with other collaboration and project management solutions. A wide range of API's allow even deeper integrations in existing processes.

Collaboard for the Defense Industry - Frequently Questions and Answers

How can an online whiteboard cater to the unique needs of information sharing and visualization for defense applications?

The primary requirement is to fulfill the rigors security standards of the defense industry and to offer flexible hosting options from air-gapped environments up to private and government cloud hosting. Besides these requirements, it is important to provide a solution that offers the same feature-richness and the same ease of use as software for the private sector. 

What are the main use cases of an online whiteboard in the defense industry? 

Online Whiteboards are used in the defense industry for the following use cases: Brainstorming sessions, workshops, agile project management, presentations, roadmaps, remote training and certification programs, crisis response, planning, incident debriefs, and mission planning and execution.

Who is developed Collaboard? 

Collaboard is a solution from the Swiss software company IBV, which has been developing software since 1981. With over two decades of experience in security software, IBV ensures that Collaboard is fulfilling the highest security standards.