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Secure Online Whiteboard for Aerospace & Defense Companies


Are you looking for an online whiteboard and team collaboration solution that fits your organizations security needs?


Collaboard is a highly secure online whiteboard that fulfills the security requirements of the aerospace and defense industry. Collaboard can be self-hosted, on-premises, or in any cloud environment.

Collaboard is a transformational technology that supports companies in providing a modern workplace, fostering an innovative, collaborative culture, and supporting agile working in many ways.

Start with the workplace of the future now


Barrier Free

Break down barriers and enable all employees to work together with the simple but powerful web-based virtual workspace. Let ideas flow in-between departments.

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Collaboard provides the level of security your company needs. Either as an on-premises solution or hosted in the secure AWSGov or AzureGov cloud. 


High ROI

By using Collaboard, you significantly reduce travel costs, increase meeting efficiency and create priceless ideas. The investment into Collaboard pays back within a few months.

Consumer-Grade Experience

The Collaboard application provides an easy-to-use and fast-to-learn user interface. It has a fresh and modern look and feel, and allows every user to be productive within minutes.


Military-Grade Security

Collaboard fully meets the security and compliance requirements of aerospace and defense companies.

Data Encryption: All data is encrypted with TLS 1.2/1.3 in transit and AES-256 at rest.

User Authentication & Authorization:  Integrate Collaboard with your SSO provider and manage permissions and roles on a granular level.




Collaboard provides many options to customize it according to security and user preferences. Benefit from the customizations we implemented for our existing customer base from the aerospace and defense industry.


See how IBM Garage for Defense uses Collaboard

In this webinar, IBM Garage for Defense shows how they innovate with its government and defense customers in a post-pandemic scenario. IBM Garage for Defense uses Collaboard, hosted locally in the IBM Cloud in Frankfurt Germany, to keep all the generated ideas, concepts, and patent information most secure.

Watch the webinar


Visual Collaboration without limits

On Collaboards infinite whiteboard workspace everybody can contribute in real-time from his personal device, by adding and editing content on the board.

Brainstorm in the group, create mind-maps, visualize processes, aggregate data, hold workshops, plan projects and much more. 

Collaboard is a transformative technology that improves collaboration across your whole organization. 

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Generating Ideas

Generating Ideas

Brainstorm with the most common design thinking techniques. Be creative, stay connected on this remote working software and share your ideas with other great minds. Express the best part of yourself and let Collaboard do the rest. 

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Sketch presentations, product designs and workshops for your creative work. Let you and your mates use creativity and imagination to plan a solid structure for your projects and capture ideas whenever inspiration strikes!

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Collaboard makes the planning of activities more efficient and organized. It allows you to simplify your workflow productivity and plan remotely with your team, in a visual and effective way. Start planning your work.

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Manage the organizational process from beginning to end with mind maps, flowcharts, workflow and shared notes. Using this remote working software will enable you to work across multiple sites around the world, as if you’re in the same room.

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Decision Making

Decision Making & Strategy

Swot analysis, business model canvas and more to align vision and long-term objectives. Collaboard can help you in planning your digital strategy. The infinite canvases make you able to plan like on a big digital wall.

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Get the most out of all your e-learning projects: from frontal lectures to classroom conversation. Create content in real-time and get fast feedback with voting and rating features. With Collaboard trainings become more interactive and collaborative

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Desing Research

UX Design & Research

Define Personas, Customer Journey and service blueprint. Design site maps, user story maps and wireframes. Collaboard leaves your creative teams free to express their designs in a shared platform, ready to receive feedback and apply changes.

Collaboard adapts to your organizations needs

Collaboard is a customizable collaboration platform and adapts to your requirements. Provide the best online whiteboard experience for your organization.

Your Branding


Use Collaboard with your organization's identity elements, like Your logo, company color, specific domain, login page, and app name).

Customize Templates

Use over 50 pre-built templates for strategy, planning, creativity, and much more. Customize existing templates or create them from scratch for your purposes.

Enable / Disable Features

wi__Setting Collaboard-Settings

Enable or disable features based on your security and end-users needs. Customize the toolbar and other elements in Collaboard.

Admin Application

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Manage your Collaboard installation through a powerful admin application and get insights on usage.

Custom Integration

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Integrate Collaboard and your audio- and videoconference solution like Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom. 

Your Needs?

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Collaboard is a flexible solution, and we can adapt it to your needs. We are happy to hear and discuss your ideas. 

Feature Highlights

Multiuser and real-time collaboration

You can use Collaboard from multiple devices and collaborate in real-time. Invite other registered users or guests easily to participate online.

Protect your board with a password

To protect your content in the most secure way, you can choose for every board you share a password and enforce people to identify themselves. 

User permission management

You can manage the permission rights of your board participants. Following user, roles are available: owner, facilitator, editor, and viewer.

Smooth digital Ink

You can draw using brushes, markers, pen, and pencil with your digital pen, e.g. from Microsoft, Wacom, and Apple. With this, analog handwriting is replaced.

Connect your thoughts

Use connections for any objects on your board to collect knowledge, generate new ideas, e.g. with a mind map. The style of the connections can be adapted.

Voting and Rating

Voting and rating make it easy to quickly get feedback from people. Each participant can vote and rate sticky notes, text, shapes, pictures, videos, or documents.