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Collaboard makes the planning of activities more efficient and organized. It allows you to simplify your workflow productivity and plan remotely with your team, in a visual and effective way. Start planning your work.



With Collaboard you can plan and manage your projects directly with your team. It doesn’t matter if they’re working from another office or by your side. In this use case, you can define every single step of your project as time, requirements and costs; our templates support you to visualize all aspects of your project.



Planning an event requires a lot of collaborative activities and coordination. Collaboard allows you to develop and plan every aspect of your event. With Collaboard you have all the information and documents (flyer, contracts, budgets) on one single canvas. Your whole event team will be able to access this information, date work with it, make planning and make decision faster.

Agile Sprint

Agile Sprint

By using Collaboard you can bring your Agile techniques to the digital world. Collaborate online and transform your processes from analog to digital easily, with a real time board, sprint meetings and useful templates. Let your team work efficiently, anywhere and anytime.

To-Do list


Less paper, more trees and planning: with Collaboard you can digitize stickies and easily create to-do lists for you and your team. Are you wondering how to collaborate online and easily create your shared to-do list? Just give a look to our templates and discover how simple it is.

Remote Meetings


Use Collaboard for effective collaboration in your remote meeting. Create engageing meetings where all attendees work together on the shared online whiteboard.

Use "Ice Braker" or "Warm-Up" games to start inspiring meetings. 

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