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Secure Videoconferencing meets secure Online Whiteboard – Collaboard & Pexip

Collaboard and Pexip joined forces and integrated the online whiteboard Collaboard into the videoconferencing solution of Pexip. When people are in a video conference session using Pexip, they can start now with one click a Collaboard whiteboard for real-time visual collaboration. 

In a world where distance has become irrelevant, teams working together from everywhere, videoconferences and digital whiteboards are key to successful teamwork. With the integration of Collaboard into Pexip, individuals are empowered to express their creativity, illustrate complex concepts, and collectively brainstorm, all within the immersive realm of secure video conferencing. 

Collaboard and Pexip deliver cutting the edge collaboration technology paired with a high commitment to security. That's why the integrated solution adheres to the highest industry standards of data protection and confidentiality. Customers can decide whether to use whiteboard and videoconferences from a secure GDPR-compliant public cloud or host it on-premises or in a private cloud

“Today, we introduce the seamless integration of whiteboard applications with our cutting-edge video conferencing tool, bolstering productivity, innovation, and security like never before.” Says Michael Whittam – VP Nordics 

Gone are the days of disjointed collaboration, where valuable insights were lost amidst the chaos of multiple platforms. With this integration, the whiteboard sessions seamlessly become part of the video conferencing experience, ensuring every participant is engaged, aligned, and actively contributing to the conversation.
Embrace the power of collaboration, harness the potential of visual expression, and unlock new horizons for your business.

Michal Görög, Co-Founder of Collaboard says: “With Pexip we have found a partner that has the same vision to provide a secure and seamless collaborative experience to end-users. The thing I like the most about the integration is the “one-click-technology” to start a whiteboard immediately when needed during a video call.” 

Check out Collaboard at the Pexip Marketplace

About Pexip 
Pexip is a Norwegian software company with a unique transcoding engine and a secure collaboration platform that delivers enhanced interoperability, user experience, security, flexibility, and scalability. These features empower organizations to collaborate seamlessly, regardless of their technology preferences, while ensuring the highest levels of privacy and data protection.   
The transcoding engine optimizes video quality, adapting it to different network conditions and device capabilities. It ensures that participants enjoy a consistent, high-quality video experience, regardless of their location or the devices they use. By eliminating audio and video discrepancies, Pexip's transcoding engine fosters engagement and reduces distractions, resulting in more effective and meaningful meetings.

About Collaboard
Collaboard is a secure online whiteboard solution developed by the Swiss software company IBV. Collaboard offers high security and flexible hosting options with unique whiteboard features and a dedicated customer success team to help companies adopt new ways of working with an online whiteboard. Collaboard is available as a solution from the cloud with data hosting in Germany, Switzerland, or the Netherlands. Customers who don’t want to use a cloud-based online whiteboard can host Collaboard on-premises. The self-hosted version of Collaboard is available for Kubernetes infrastructures or as a virtual appliance supporting VMware, ProxMox, and VirtualBox. 

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