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Microsoft Teams Integration with Collaboard

Create a unified collaboration experience with Microsoft Teams and Collaboard.  Add Collaboard as the online whiteboard app for your Microsoft Teams client. 

  • Collaboard app for Microsoft Teams

  • Access your Collaboard projects directly from within the MS Teams client

  • Works for Collaboard hosted in the cloud & on-premises

Collaboard App for Microsoft Teams

With the Collaboard app, you bring the full whiteboard experience to Microsoft Teams. 

Use Single Sign-On (SSO) to authenticate in Collaboard and get access to all features of Collaboard. 

With this approach, you no longer need to open Collaboard in a browser. Access all your whiteboards directly from within Microsoft Teams. 


Add a Whiteboard to your Channels in MS Teams

In Microsoft Teams, there is the concept of "Teams," and every team has different channels. Each channel has tabs where you can add your Collaboard projects.

Add a specific whiteboard to a specific channel. With one click, every channel member can easily access the Collaboard project and continue working on it. 


On-Premises Whiteboard for Microsoft Teams

While Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based solution, Collaboard has different hosting options. You can host Collaboard by yourself (on-premises, private cloud) and integrate it into Microsoft Teams. 

If you use Microsoft Teams primarily for video conferencing, you can use Collaboard as the secure whiteboard. All content created during your online meeting is securely saved on your servers. 

Please contact us to learn more about how to add Collaboard on-premises to your Microsoft Teams environment.