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Cisco Webex Integration with Collaboard

Create an integrated collaboration experience with Webex and Collaboard.

  • Use Collaboard as a whiteboard integrated into your video calls

  • Access your Collaboard projects directly from Webex

  • Works with Collaboard's various cloud hosting plans
Collaboard WebEx Integration

Collaboard App für Webex

With the Collaboard app for Webex, you bring the complete Collaboard whiteboard experience directly into your video conferencing solution. You can open Collaboard directly within conferences or add it as a tab in the "Spaces".

Collaboard App in Webex

Use Collaboard Directly Within a Webex Meeting

In a Webex meeting, you can easily add Collaboard with just a few clicks and select a prepared board to share with all participants in the meeting.

Participants in your Webex meeting can join as registered users or as guests and collaborate on the whiteboard.

You'll find the same security features for sharing boards that you're already familiar with from Collaboard.

When you start Collaboard in Webex, the whiteboard is embedded, and simultaneously, you can see the participants via video and use the chat.

Collaboard in Webex Meeting

Add Whiteboards as Tabs to a Space

Add a Collaboard to your workspace as a tab. This makes the board available to all members of a "Space". You can also add multiple boards as tabs per "Space".

Enhance your workspace with Collaboard to promote dynamic visual collaboration in real-time alongside existing content and chats.

Collaboard Webex Whiteboard Integration

Using the Collaboard Whiteboard on the Cisco Board.

Utilize Collaboard on the Cisco Board and other Cisco hardware. The web app is optimized for use with a stylus and touch on large interactive displays.

Collaboard Cisco Board (1)

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