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What's your use case?

Choose the most suitable Collaboard solution for all your needs.

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Sketch presentations, product designs and workshops for your creative work. Let you and your mates use creativity and imagination to plan a solid structure for your projects and capture ideas whenever inspiration strikes!

Product Design

Draw your drafts as if you’re drawing on your beloved paper. Design your product by using pens and different brushes and let the creativity come out by itself.

Creativity Workshop

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Hold a digital creativity workshop with your team. Everything you do is stored digitally on this knowledge sharing software: you can adjust any content dynamically while you continue your workshop!

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Visual Presentation

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Be completely free, and impress your audience with a new digital way of presenting with Collaboard. Use the infinite canvas, add media elements and make your presentations something unique and charming. 


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You can draw using different pens like brushes, pencils, pens and markers to support various drawing and sketching scenarios. Collaboard works with digital pens from Microsoft, Wacom, SMART and many more.