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Top 4 Essential Remote Activities Using an Online Whiteboard

In an age where remote collaboration has transitioned from a luxury to a staple, the success of digital workshops have never been more relevant. From brainstorming sessions that mirror the neural pathways of our brains to the expansive realm of visual collaboration, we find ourselves at the crossroads of tradition and innovation.

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Collaboard & AllStarTeams - Talent Management using the whiteboard

We are excited to introduce our latest offering, AllStarTeams, on Collaboard. This talent management toolset provides leadership...

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Successful Retro Meetings

Retrospectives are a significant component of Agile working. They give teams the chance to look back at what has occurred in a...

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Collaboard Now Available on Iron Bank

Exciting news for organizations that prioritize security! Collaboard, the renowned collaboration platform, is now available for...

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Starting a presentation - Tips & Tricks from Experts!

Have you ever wondered how to grab your audience's attention from the very first moment during presentations? The answer lies in ...

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Collaboard Integration with Cisco Board Pro

As the digital transformation continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, businesses worldwide are seeking robust, flexible,...

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Collaboard Nextcloud integration

Nextcloud and Collaboard teamed up and have integrated the online whiteboard Collaboard into Nextcloud Hub. With the integration,...

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