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Online Whiteboard for Schools and Universities

  • Collaboard is the digital whiteboard for modern teaching.

  • Unlimited guest users without further registration.

  • Meets the data protection requirements of educational institutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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Educational Institutions Using Collaboard

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The Digital Whiteboard for Modern, Digital Lessons

Location Independent Teamwork
Independent of location and flexible

With the online whiteboard, you can collaborate with your colleagues and learners from anywhere. Physical distance is no longer an obstacle to digital lessons, group work and online learning methods.

Documentation and reusability

Everything that is written or drawn on the whiteboard can be reused later. This makes it easier to document learning content and track activities.

People on the same page
Get everyone on the same page quickly

Strengthen collaboration within the teaching staff and with the learners. By integrating various media and content such as images, documents, videos and links to external resources. 

How Collaboard Fulfils the Requirements of Educational Institutions

GDPR-compliant with hosting in Europe

Collaboard is a GDPR-compliant solution from the Swiss company IBV. IBV is ISO 27001:2022 certified. 

Collaboard places the highest value on data security and fulfilling the requirements of the GDPR. 

The data protection team at Technische Universität Berlin played a key role in helping Collaboard to develop a data protection-friendly version and implement the GDPR requirements. Find out more here. 

GDPR 1-2

Digital whiteboard & facilitator tools

Collaboard offers an infinitely large digital whiteboard paired with numerous moderation functions for teachers. This allows you to control who can do what on the online whiteboard and when. With polls, timers, presentation mode and much more, you can turn your online lessons into interactive, exciting lessons.

Digitale Tafel

Free guest users without further registration

You can invite your learners to your boards as free registered users or as guests. Access is easy and guests can work on your boards anonymously or with a name of their choice.

Guest User

Discounts for teachers and school and campus licences

For individual teachers, we offer a promo code that provides up to 50% discount on the Advanced version of Collaboard. 

For schools, colleges and universities, we offer attractive school and campus licences. 

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Unique whiteboard functions for teaching

Whiteboard Elements
Extensive whiteboard functions

Moderation cards, digital pens, shapes, diagram and mind map functions and comments.

Facilitator Features
Tried and tested moderation functions

Presentation mode, timer, locking, pinning or hiding objects and selective unlocking are just some of Collaboard's moderation functions. 

Multimedia Content
Multimedia content & documents

Work with images, audio recordings, videos and documents and create a lively and interactive collaboration. 

Fast feedback

Voting and evaluation functions enable feedback to be collected quickly and decisions to be made quickly.

Export (1)

High-quality export of parts or entire boards as an image or PDF. 

Activity Logbook Overview
Extensive logging

All actions on the board are logged. The activity log can be switched on or off depending on the application.


Collaboard can be easily customised to the needs of educational institutions. For example, you can use your own branding, your organisation's own data protection information and your own welcome video.

Various integrations

Collaboard offers various integration options with other collaboration and learning management systems.

Secure User Authentication
Attractive licence model

Benefit from Collaboard's attractive licence model, where licensed and free users can use Collaboard. You can also work with an unlimited number of free guests.

5 reasons why educational institutions should use the Online Whiteboard Collaboard


Easy operation & usable in the browser

Collaboard offers an easy to understand interface (in German) for users of all ages and at all levels of technical maturity. Access is also possible directly via the browser and no additional software needs to be installed. 

Digitalised content

All content is available in digital form and can be passed on directly without having to take pictures or notes. In addition, students can work on them in the next lessons without further preparation or work on them between two lessons if necessary.

Security and data privacy

Collaboard ensures that all data is stored and transferred securely, with full control over privacy settings and access rights. This is particularly important in educational environments where the protection of student information is a top priority.Promoting cooperation.

Promoting cooperation

Collaboard enables students and teachers to work together in real time, no matter where they are. With tools such as shareable whiteboards that support text, drawings and other media, ideas can be exchanged efficiently and projects can be worked on together.

Interactive presentations and lectures

Teachers can use Collaboard to create dynamic presentations and lectures that encourage students to participate through interactivity. Visualisations, diagrams and videos can be added and discussed directly on the whiteboard, deepening and enriching the learning process



Feedback of Collaboard Users


"The biggest benefit for everyone is worry-free use. Users can log in with their university account and know that everything has been checked and officially authorised under data protection law. Teachers are pleased that they no longer have any limits and can now use the tool to its full extent in teaching".

Jacqueline Gerland
Team Leader IT-Customer Service at the University of Kassel

"I use Collaboard to prepare my learning content, for project work with other students and I use Collaboard for online presentations of my work. In addition to creative activities such as mind maps and brainstorming sessions, we use Collaboard to compare and discuss homework from individual lectures, share data with each other and use Collaboard as a substitute for the whiteboard."

Robin Pape
Study Business Informatics, FOM Düsseldorf
Collaboard Great Mind Dr. Martina Braasch

"I am very positive about Collaboard. It was difficult for me to have to part with my usual whiteboard solution for GDPR reasons - people are creatures of habit. I never thought I would get used to the GDPR-compliant Collaboard alternative so quickly. And today, Collaboard offers me so much more than its predecessor - I'm very happy about this "forced" change and I actually work with the digital whiteboard more than ever before."

Dr Martina Braasch - Founder Dr Martina Braasch Academy