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Here you can find an overview of the upcoming events and webinars which are organized by Collaboard directly or with their partners and customers. Besides, there are selected recordings of previous featured webinars and events. Further webcasts are available on our YouTube Channel here for you.

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Self-Hosting Options for Collaboard - Unleash the Power of Secure Collaboration!

Gain Security, Control Over Data, and Data Sovereignty with Self-Hosting! Learn how we do this with Collaboard and join us for...

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Collaboard Training - Introduction & Basic Use Cases

New to Collaboard? In our training, we show you the most important features of Collaboard and numerous tips and tricks on how...

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Collaboard Training: Mastering Meetings and Workshops

Have you already gained some experience with Collaboard and want to deepen your knowledge? This training will show you how to...

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Mastering the challenges of online meetings and workshops

Successfully onboard online meeting and workshop participants to create high engagement and a good working atmosphere
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Online whiteboard On-Premises (Self-Hosting) with Collaboard

In this free webinar, we'll introduce you to Collaboard on-premises and self-hosting options.
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Start working with an online whiteboard

We introduce you step-by-step to Collaboard as an online whiteboard software and show you some use cases which you can implement...
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