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Online Whiteboard for the Banking Sector

Collaboard is a tool for collaborative teamwork in the modern workplace for banks. 

  • Easy to use and available in the browser

  • Comprehensive and unique Whiteboard and moderation functions

  • 100% GDPR-compliant with data hosting in Germany or Switzerland


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The Key to Successful Collaboration in Banks

Online Whiteboards offer banks an interactive platform for digital collaboration in meetings, workshops and training sessions. Ideas can be shared, projects planned, processes visualized and customer meetings documented on the whiteboard.

Using an Online Whiteboard makes collaboration between locations and across departments easier and more efficient.

The Online Whiteboard is the key to successful collaboration, as it promotes transparency and improves the exchange of information between employees.

Ortsunabhängige Teamarbeit
Teamwork from any location

Online Whiteboards enable team members in banks to work together from anywhere. Physical distance is no longer an obstacle for brainstorming sessions, planning meetings or creative exchanges.

Documentation and reusability

Everything that is written or drawn on the whiteboard is saved and can be reused later. This makes it easier to document meetings and track the development of ideas.

People on the same page
Get everyone on the same page quickly

Online Whiteboards enable the integration of various media and content, such as images, documents, videos and links to external resources. This simplifies the presentation of complex ideas and promotes creativity.

Use Collaboard to Implement the Following Use Cases

Brainstorming and Idea Development

With Collaboard, new ideas can be developed quickly and easily; from simple brainstorming in a team to design thinking workshops. 

Brainstorming (1)

Project Management and Planning

Online Whiteboards allow project teams to visually organize their projects and tasks and track progress in real time. This promotes clear communication and also helps with meeting deadlines, for example.


Training and Workshops

Online Whiteboards serve as interactive training platforms on which complex financial concepts and procedures can be clearly presented and explained. They enable dynamic participation and promote learning.

Crisis Response and Planning

Presentations and Consultations

Online Whiteboards are used for internal and external consultations and for a new and exciting type of presentation.

PowerPoint Replacement

7 Reasons why Banks Rely on the Online Whiteboard Collaboard


Improved collaboration

Online Whiteboards enable teams to collaborate in real time regardless of their geographical location, which improves internal coordination and promotes teamwork. In addition, content can be captured directly digitally in on-site meetings and workshops so that it is always accessible from anywhere. 

More efficient meetings & workshops

They enable interactive and visually appealing meetings and team rounds that help all participants to be actively involved and reach joint decisions more quickly.

Promoting innovation

By simplifying the collection and development of ideas, online whiteboards provide a platform that promotes creative thinking and innovation within the bank.

Flexible training and education options

They provide a dynamic environment for employee training, where complex content can be made easy to understand and delivered interactively, supporting learning and employee development.

Improved customer interaction and consulting

The use of Online Whiteboards in customer meetings enables banks to present financial products and services in a more understandable and interactive way, which increases customer satisfaction and trust.

Successful employee onboarding

An Online Whiteboard supports the onboarding process of new employees by presenting important information in a clear and easily accessible way. 

Easier planning

The simplicity and intuitive operation makes it possible to involve all internal and external parties in the planning process. Projects and strategies can thus be planned with sales and network partners without major implementation effort. 

Unique Whiteboard Functions for Digital Collaboration

Whiteboard Elements
Extensive Whiteboard functions

Moderation cards, digital pens, shapes, diagram and mind map functions and comments.

Whiteboard Templates
Over 150 customizable templates

Over 150 ready-made and customizable templates enable a quick start with Collaboard. Organizations and users can save their own templates and make them available to others.

Facilitator Features
Tried and tested moderation functions

Collaboard offers a wide range of moderator functions to manage and control what happens during a session.

Quick decision making

Voting and evaluation functions enable feedback to be collected quickly and decisions to be made rapidly.

Multimedia Content
Multimedia content & documents

Work with images, audio recordings, videos and documents and create a lively and interactive collaboration. 

Activity Logbook Overview
Comprehensive logging

All actions on the board are logged. The activity log can be switched on or off depending on the application.


Collaboard can be easily customised to meet the needs of banks. For example, you can use your own branding, customised data protection information and your own welcome video. And much more...

Multiple integrations

Collaboard offers various integration options with other collaboration and project management solutions. A wide range of APIs enables even deeper integration into existing processes.

Secure User Authentication
Attractive licence model

Benefit from Collaboard's attractive licence model, where licensed and free users can use Collaboard. You can also work with an unlimited number of free guests.

Collaboard - The secure Online Whiteboard for the Cloud or On-Premises

  • Various cloud hosting options, including with Deutsche Telekom with data storage in Germany

  • Options for self-hosting in a private cloud or on-premises

  • Highly secure software architecture -
    Confirmed by the US Department of Defence

  • ISO 27001 Certified


Consumer Grade Experience

Step-by-step Guide to Getting Started

  1. Create a free account and test all functions for 14 days - with no obligations.

  2. Create your first Whiteboard and prepare a meeting or workshop.

  3. Combine presentation cards, images, videos and much more to inspire your participants.

  4. Invite other people to your Collaboard - as guests who don't need an account or as registered free users.

  5. Discover new possibilities for online collaboration and look forward to exciting and interactive Collaboard sessions from the very first second.

Collaboard for Banks - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


How does Collaboard secure the data and privacy of users from the banking world?

Collaboard offers different hosting options so that customers can choose where their data is stored. Collaboard offers hosting in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. Banks also have the option of operating Collaboard in their own infrastructure (on-premises or private cloud).

Does Collaboard fulfil the high security requirements of banks?

Collaboard is a solution from the Swiss software company IBV, which has been developing software since 1981. With over two decades of experience in the field of security software, IBV ensures that Collaboard fulfils the highest security standards.

How can Collaboard improve teamwork?

Collaboard promotes team collaboration through its interactive features such as collaborative drawing, document viewing and real-time feedback by providing a visual platform on which ideas can be developed and projects efficiently coordinated. These tools facilitate communication and decision-making, leading to increased productivity and improved team spirit. Collaboard becomes the digital meeting point within an organisation.

Can individual adjustments be made for banks?

Collaboard is characterised by a high level of customisability. Customer-specific adjustments include branding, customised data security information, switching functions on and off and integration with single sign-on.

How does Collaboard support the introduction of the online whiteboard solution?

Collaboard's Customer Success Team has developed an extremely successful introductory programme for new customers. The new possibilities with Collaboard are quickly learnt in interactive training sessions and regular free online seminars.