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Hosting options from Collaboard

At Collaboard, we prioritise flexibility and security to meet your individual needs. We understand that every organisation has different data protection and security requirements, which is why we offer a variety of hosting options.


Whether you are looking for a cloud solution or an on-premises whiteboard solution, we have the right offer for your needs. Our cloud offerings give you the opportunity to use Collaboard quickly and easily, while our self-hosting options give you full control over your data and compliance with your specific security guidelines.

Choose from various cloud options that offer a secure and reliable infrastructure, or opt for self-hosting to manage your data directly in your own infrastructure. With Collaboard, you have the freedom to choose the best solution for you and your company.

Discover our wide range of hosting options now and find the perfect balance between flexibility and security!

Public Cloud Hosting options from Collaboard

With Collaboard's cloud hosting options, you enjoy maximum flexibility and security when using our platform. Our cloud solutions are designed to provide you with a fast, reliable and scalable environment that adapts to your requirements.

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Open Telekom Cloud (Germany)

Collaboard's cloud hosting in the Open Telekom Cloud offers a solution that guarantees 100% European data sovereignty. The data is hosted securely in Germany, which guarantees complete independence from US providers.

This hosting option is particularly suitable for the public sector in Europe, as it meets the highest security standards and fulfils the strict German data protection guidelines including GDPR.

The Open Telekom Cloud ensures that all data remains within Europe and thus provides a trustworthy framework for data management.

By combining the flexibility and performance of the Open Telekom Cloud with the strict European data protection regulations, a reliable and secure hosting environment is created for anyone who places particular value on data protection and security.

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Microsoft Azure Schweiz

Microsoft Azure Switzerland

Hosting Collaboard in Microsoft Switzerland's data centres offers a trustworthy solution that guarantees that all data remains within Switzerland. This hosting option ensures that access by US authorities is prevented with maximum force and thus offers maximum protection for sensitive data.

By using Microsoft's Swiss data centres, you benefit from a secure and reliable infrastructure that complies with the strict Swiss data protection laws.

This solution is ideal for companies and organisations that attach particular importance to data protection and compliance with local regulations. Hosting in Switzerland gives you the certainty that your data is secure and protected from unauthorised access.

Microsoft Azure Hosting

Microsoft Azure Netherlands

Hosting Collaboard in Microsoft Netherland's data centres ensures that all data created in Collaboard is hosted securely in the Netherlands. This public environment of Collaboard is available to all users worldwide and offers a reliable and secure data management option.

The data is stored in Microsoft Azure's ultramodern data centres in the Netherlands, which are known for their robust security mechanisms. This enables users worldwide to benefit from the flexibility and performance of the Microsoft Azure Cloud. With this hosting option, you get the benefit of secure data management and the comprehensive protection offered by the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Collaboard Self-Hosting Options

With Collaboard's self-hosting options, you retain full control over your data and can maintain the highest security standards. You have the freedom to customise Collaboard to your specific needs and implement your own security measures. This solution offers you independence from third-party providers and enables you to meet all relevant compliance requirements. Benefit from a customised and reliable working environment that meets your exact requirements.



Collaboard's on-premises hosting offers you the opportunity to operate the platform directly in your own IT infrastructure and thus retain full control over your data. A particularly secure option is air-gapped operation, in which Collaboard is completely isolated from the Internet and operated in an isolated environment.

Various options are available for on-premises hosting. One practical option is the Collaboard virtual appliance, which is delivered pre-configured and ready to use. This makes installation easier and enables a quick start. Alternatively, you can install Collaboard in your own Kubernetes cluster, which offers you maximum flexibility and customisation.

With Collaboard's on-premises solutions, you benefit from maximum security and data protection by retaining control over your IT environment and being able to customise the implementation to your specific needs. Whether you prefer a simple and fast implementation with the virtual appliance or need the flexibility of a Kubernetes cluster - Collaboard offers the right solution for your requirements.

Confidential Cloud-1

Confidential Cloud

Hosting Collaboard in a Confidential Cloud offers the highest level of security and data protection by guaranteeing data encryption at all stages. In a Confidential Cloud, data is not only fully encrypted at rest and in transit, but also during processing (in use).

This advanced security solution ensures that your sensitive information is never left unprotected. Encryption during processing means that even the cloud providers have no access to your data while it is being processed in the memory.

With a Confidential Cloud, you benefit from the flexibility and scalability of the cloud without compromising on security. This environment is ideal for companies and organisations that have the highest data protection requirements and need to ensure that their data is always protected.

By hosting in a Confidential Cloud, you can utilise Collaboard's powerful features while having the confidence that your data is being processed in a completely secure environment.

Private Cloud-1

Private Cloud

Collaboard also offers you the option to host the platform in a private cloud, giving you full flexibility and control over your data and IT infrastructure. A private cloud allows you to utilise the benefits of cloud technology while meeting your company's security and data protection requirements.

With hosting in a private cloud, you can fully customise and control the environment to suit your specific needs. You have the freedom to implement your own security measures and policies and scale the use of resources according to your requirements. This solution is ideal for companies that need a customised, isolated environment without sacrificing the benefits of the cloud.
By hosting Collaboard in a private cloud, you benefit from increased data security and data protection as you retain full control over the access and management of your data. This offers an ideal balance between flexibility, control and security, which is crucial for many companies and organisations.

With Collaboard in a private cloud, you get a powerful and flexible platform that integrates perfectly into your existing IT infrastructure and helps you to fulfil your company's individual requirements.