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Self-hosting and On-premises Online Whiteboard as an Alternative to Miro, Mural, Conceptboard


Are you looking for an online whiteboard and team collaboration solution with flexible deployment options?


Collaboard meets the requirement of governments, aerospace, defense, health care, pharma companies, and others with specific security needs.

Protect your whiteboard data with the highest security and take full control of the location where your data is stored. Reach full compliance with your security standard that is not guaranteed with a cloud-hosted SaaS solution.

Collaboard offers you besides the flexible hosting options, customizations of the app based on your needs. 

There are no limitations of a self-hosted version compared to the cloud version. The application is the same. 

Collaboard Deployment Options

On-Premises Inhouse

Take full control and deploy Collaboard on-premises. Collaboard can run even without access to the internet and fully isolated in your environment. Read more

MS Azure Cloud

Deploy Collaboard in the Microsoft Azure tenant and location of your choice, including AzureGov. We also support confidential cloud options. Read more

Amazon Web Services

Deploy Collaboard in the AWS cloud environment of your choice, including AWSGov. We also support confidential cloud options. Read more

State of the art deployment

We provide you with the container solution of your choice; Docker, OpenShift, or Kubernetes.
Collaboard is a solution that auto-scales and grows with the number of users.

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High Data-Security

Collaboard fully meets the security and compliance requirements of enterprise customers. All data is encrypted at rest and in transfer with high-grade TLS and multi-layered encryption with 265-bit AES.


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User Authentication

Provide a secure  Single-Sign-On (SSO) experience with the SAML 2.0 or oAuth2 integration of Collaboard. Define external user access based on your security regulations. Read more

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Customizing options

Collaboard is a customizable online whiteboard solution. With the following options:

  • Custom branding (login page, app name, logo, color, domain)
  • Custom integrations (Zoom, MS Teams)
  • Custom in-app messages


The back-office tool provides customers the options to manage and configure their self-hosted Collaboard solution. 

  • Manage Users
  • Create custom templates and template categories
  • Provide end-user support (restore deleted boards, elements etc.)
  • Access usage statistics