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Online whiteboard alternative
to Miro, Mural & Co. with
self-hosting & on-premises options

Do you want to protect and fully control all data created on the online whiteboard?

Are you looking for an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-manage solution you can host in the location of your choice?


Collaboard allows you to host your online whiteboard wherever you want: On-Premises (your servers), Private Cloud, or Government Cloud.

It was important for us to design a highly flexible solution that is easy to install for small customers and highly scalable and integrable for enterprise customers.

The self-hosted version of Collaboard is based on the latest container technology ensuring state-of-the-art security.

cloud or onprem

Collaboard self-hosted:
On-Premises (your servers), Private Cloud or Government Cloud

deployment options

Advantages of Collaboard self-hosted

  • When you host Collaboard by yourself, you will get exactly the same application that is available for our cloud users; No compromises when going on-prem anymore.
  • Besides the fully featured front-end application, you get a robust back-end solution to manage and configure your installation.
  • No internet access needed: Collaboard can be deployed in a fully air-gapped environment.
  • Benefit from out-of-the-box customization options to integrate Collaboard into your corporate structures.
  • Synchronize Collaboard Users and Spaces with Active Directory Users and Groups.

Collaboard Deployment Options

Deploy Collaboard in the infrastructure of your choice. Our solution is highly flexible and independent of cloud and storage technology. We streamlined the installation process with more than 3 years of experience deploying Collaboard in different container environments. Collaboard supports the following container platforms:

  • Any Kubernetes distribution
  • OpenShift
  • IBM Cloud
  • VMWARE Tanzu

Are you new to container technologies?
Don't worry we can support you doing the installation or do the installation for you.

On-Premises (your servers)

Take full control and deploy Collaboard on-premises. Collaboard can run without internet access and be fully isolated in your environment. 

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Deploy Collaboard in the Microsoft Azure tenant and location of your choice, including AzureGov. We also support the Azure Confidential Cloud Environment. 

Amazon Web Services

Deploy Collaboard in the AWS cloud environment of your choice, including AWSGov


How do you size your on-site or cloud infrastructure to ensure the online whiteboard is running smoothly and can handle peak usage? How to make sure you don't oversize the environment and prevent high infrastructure costs?

We designed Collaboard as an auto-scalable solution that grows with the number of users and scales down when not used. 


Ability to Innovate

Our biggest self-hosted installation is in Germany. Collaboard is available to 120'000 active users of the Academic Cloud. 

 "The cooperation with Collaboard as a local partner is excellent and we are pleased to be able to cover the high demand for an online whiteboard with an offering directly in the Academic Cloud."
Ralph Krimmel - Project Manager

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Collaboard fully meets the security and compliance requirements of enterprise customers. By hosting Collaboard on-premises or in the cloud of your choice, you can apply your security standards. Integrate Collaboard with your Active Directory groups to easily match security policies and manage licenses.


All data is encrypted at rest and in transfer with high-grade TLS and multi-layered encryption with 265-bit AES. Apply your certificates and encryption keys.

Permission Management
Permission Management

Collaboard provides you with sophisticated permission management where you can define custom roles and permission for users. Synchronize permissions with your AD groups.

User Authentication
User Authentication

Provide a secure  Single-Sign-On (SSO) experience with the SAML 2.0 or oAuth2 integration of Collaboard. Define external user access based on your security regulations.

Collaboard available on Iron Bank

Iron Bank is an accredited repository for containerized software operated by the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) of the US Department of Defense (DoD). Its primary goal is to provide secure, hardened, and accredited container images that meet the strict security standards set by the DoD.

Learn more about Collaboard on Iron Bank

Collaboard Iron Bank

Customizing options - Make Collaboard yours!

When you self-host Collaboard you benefit from several customizing options. By customizing Collaboard, you create a unique and tailored user experience for your company and fulfill additional security requirements if needed. 


Use Collaboard in the design of your organization. The branding option allows you to implement your logo and apply your brand color to Collaboard.

Customize the login page to ensure that authenticating to Collaboard via SSO is as simple as possible for your users. 


Custom Security Options

Adjust Collaboard based on your security needs. Disable the anonymous "Guest User" option, and define if passwords shall protect boars by default. 

Apply your custom data disclaimer message when users create projects and disable features you don't want to be available in your environment.

Contact us to learn more about all security configuration options available.



Collaboard integrates different solutions for video conferences, chat communication, file sharing, and project management: Self-hosted or hosted in a private cloud.

Jira integration coming end of 2022. Contact us to become an early adopter of this integration.


Do you have less than 200 users?

For organizations with less than 200 users, we provide a virtual appliance of Collaboard. 

The appliance is easy to install (a few hours) and provides you with almost all the features of the enterprise version of Collaboard. 

The appliance is perfect for small and medium organizations that don't need to have a highly scalable solution of Collaboard or for POCs.

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Self-Hosting Whitepaper

Learn more about the different self-hosting options of Collaboard

  • On-Premises, Private Cloud, Government Cloud

  • Infrastructure technologies

  • Configuration options