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Self-Hosted Online Whiteboard
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Collaboard self-hosting
On-premises, Azure, aws or any cloud

Collaboard is an online whiteboard that you can host in your infrastructure. Collaboard on-premises is available for Windows and Linux.

So you can operate the Collaboard online whiteboard software solution in your own environment based on your individual needs. You can run Collaboard on-premises or in the cloud of your choice, we are very flexible.

You can host your data in the following locations:

  • On-Premises - Run Collaboard in your own datacenter in any location of your choice using containers and ensure the highest data security. Collaboard on-premises is available for Windows and Linux.
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud - Run Collaboard in the Azure tenant and location of your choice, including AzureGov (in the US).
  • Amazon Web Services - Run Collaboard in the Amazon Web Service of your choice, including AmazonGov (in the US).

As you can see we are offering AzureGov and AmazonGov in the US, e.g. for our aerospace and defense, and public sector customers.

We accompany you in the process and offer you state-of-the-art technology for installation with automated updates and little effort on your side. Contact us to talk about your project in detail. 



Easy Deployment

We provide you with different container solutions like Docker, OpenShift or Kubernetes.
Automatic updates or managed updates fully
controlled at your site.
High Data-Security

High Data-Security

Fully meets your security and compliance requirements including API, Database, File System and User Security.


User Directories

Integrate your existing user directories with
our Single-Sign-On (SSO) SAML and oAuth2 integration.


Managed File Transfer

High-performance and secure upload/download of files by the self-developed Collaboard MFT service.


Customized Skin

You can define your own skin and logo of the application on request.


Storing of Data

Full control of where and how data is stored in your environment. Use your Azure Blob Storage, your Amazon S3 Storage or in-house NFS Share.

Customizing options - White labelling

Collaboard offers you the possibility to adapt the look of the online whiteboard solution to your company or institution:

  • URL adaptation 
  • Application name and logo customization 
  • Choice of main theme color for your branding