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101 things

101 things you can do with an
Online Whiteboard

You have already decided that you want to work with an online whiteboard. Very good! Now, are you looking for inspiration on what you can do with it?

We will gladly take you by the hand and show you use cases and what you can do with an online whiteboard. You will get a good idea of how simple it is and how to start immediately!

We want to simplify your life with Collaboard. On this website, we present you exciting use cases which you can integrate into your everyday life at work.

Meeting Protocol

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Many of us encounter this task on a regular basis. As soon as a meeting is scheduled, minutes are usually necessary. What was discussed has to be documented, recorded for posterity, those who are absent should be informed and have a point of reference for the next meeting.

To keep things simple, it is advisable to create a standardized protocol that can be viewed by all.

Why should only one person ever create the minutes? Why should the minutes be created in a Word file, which is then projected on the wall via beamer?

With the online whiteboard Collaboard, minutes can be created in a new, collaborative way.

When Collaboard is used, there are numerous benefits for the entire team. During the meeting, everyone can actively contribute - whether in the office, hybrid or home office.

With ease you have prepared a board that, in addition to the standard elements such as date, agenda and participants, contains additional elements that make the meeting even more effective and involve the entire team.

On the infinite virtual whiteboard you can create structures that you can reuse for every meeting. 

  • Create Post-Its to record the meeting reason & objective so the team can keep the goal in mind.
  • Add team strengths - making it easier for participants to think goal-oriented, positive thoughts and overcome difficulties.
  • Provide participants with informational materials in a variety of forms - from Word documents to videos, almost anything is possible.
  • Give discussions a framework, literally. Highlight area for questions so that all participants' questions can be considered. This makes it much easier for introverts to participate.
  • Team members can add your points that are important to them and align their contributions with the team's strengths.
  • Use emojis to pick up sentiment. Is everyone happy with the outcome?
  • Create a to-do box right away so everyone knows where he or she is going next at the end.
  • Use the whiteboard for further planning and work with methods like KANBAN.

    With Collaboard, you can constantly expand and adapt your individual meeting minutes template.

    Meetings where only one person talks and the rest are asleep are a thing of the past - minutes that no one can decipher anymore: Goodbye!


Now consult even better. Take consulting to a whole new level and stay ahead of your competition.
With Collaboard you can engage your clients in interesting consulting sessions. Create engaging presentations that your clients can access in real-time and contribute individual aspects.
Learn more about how to create interactive presentations with an online whiteboard. Read it now
Various tools allow you to moderate like in reality - only innovative and location-independent. You also have the option to block certain areas so that not everything can be viewed directly and thus maintain interest.  Plan different activities to make your consultation even more efficient. Because the more interactive, the better the personal user experience
The board can be used afterwards, for example to record progress on how the consultation is being implemented.  Additionally, you can export boards as images or PDFs for easy sharing. 

Visualizing Processes


How can you visualize complex processes and teach them to your colleagues in an understandable way? You have the means to do so at your fingertips. On an infinitely large digital whiteboard, you and your team can visualize processes and workflows in real-time.

In Collaboard, you have various tools at your disposal with which you can design and depict. Arrows, connectors, and shapes are some of the elements you can use to create a process very quickly.

In Collaboard, you can use connectors to connect any element on the whiteboard to another. 

Of course, Collaboard offers many more elements and different templates (fishbone diagrams, flow charts, service blueprints, swim lanes, mind maps, etc.). that will get you to your goal even faster. Involve your colleagues and other stakeholders to get clarity on the processes in the team. You can invite them to Collaboard, even as guests, where they don't have to register.

You can use the comment feature if not everyone is on the whiteboard. Mention others in the comments, and this will notify them by email. If process steps are unclear, questions can be captured in comments or can add further clarifications.

More than text, however, is said by video. Especially when it comes to complicated processes, the spoken word is worth its weight in gold. In Collaboard, you can record a video directly with your camera, in which you explain individual steps of the process.


A new use case follows every week. Stay tuned and try out your use case right now with Collaboard.

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