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collaboard integrations

Collaboard Integrations

An online whiteboard is a core element for successful collaboration. But the online whiteboard should not stand alone. Make the life of your users easier and use the integrations of Collaboard. 

Our integrations facilitate access to the whiteboard, improve the overall whiteboarding experience and help enterprise customers integrate Collaboard into their existing infrastructure and tools. 

Need help finding the integration you are looking for? Reach out to us to learn more about our public APIs and other integrations planned for the future. 


Microsoft Teams

Add Collaboard as an app to Microsoft Teams. You can either access Collaboard completely in Microsoft teams or pin whiteboards to your channels. Read more


Webex Teams is integrated into Collaboard. When working on the whiteboard, you can log in to Webex and access all your Webex spaces. Read more


Start a Collaboard directly when you are in a videoconference using pexip. With just one click you can start the whiteboard. Read More


Collaboard integrates with Nextcloud. Leverage the Nextcloud Collaboard app to access all your boards from your Nextcloud interface. Read more

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Add the Collaboard app to your rocket.chat installation. Use simple commands to start a whiteboard directly from the chat. Read more


In Collaboard, you can search for images on bing. The integration allows you to search images and add them seamlessly to your whiteboard.


Start the online whiteboard Collaboard directly from the VNClagoon interface and use Single Sign-On for authentication. More about VNClagoon

Education Cloud
Education Cloud

Start Collaboard directly as the online whiteboard in the Edu portal solution from the Education Cloud. 

Active Directory

With the Collaboard Active Directory integration, you can synchronize your Collaboard users and spaces with active directory users and groups. This integration allows you to manage user licenses and permissions via the AD.


From within Collaboard, you can directly search for YouTube videos and add them seamlessly to your whiteboard. Read more

Contact us to try the integrations

Please fill out to form to learn more about the existing integrations and our public APIs, or if you want to talk about an integration you would like to have.