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Great ideas work
better together.

Sketch your projects and your dreams on an unlimited canvas.
And get the job done.

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Generating Ideas

Brainstorm with the most common design thinking techniques. Be creative, stay connected on this remote working software and share your ideas with other great minds. Express the best part of yourself and let Collaboard do the rest. 



Collaboard many brainstorming techniques and makes it easy for teams to brainstorm digitally. You can use Collaboard also for gamestorming, a different way to generate ideas: structure play activity, such as short games and exercises. Sometimes, you just have to analyze things from other perspectives in order to ideate something innovative!

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Design Thinking


Let designers, developers and vendors collaborate together. Different teams but one and only shared workspace. Share all your thoughts and drafts in real-time with all your teammates. With Collaboard, you can quickly improve your way of working!