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Why to host an online-whiteboard on-premises?

When a company starts using an online whiteboard strategically to improve remote teamwork sooner or later, the question arises where the data is stored? Is it in a cloud? Is the cloud secure and who can get access to the data? 

Having different departments like R&D, marketing, sales, project management etc. using an online whiteboard brings the challenge that it is impossible to control which data are put into the online whiteboard.

New product innovations, personal data, customer data or other secrets should not leave the borders of the companies secure IT network.

To ensure data security companies and organizations decide to host the online whiteboard in their own data centres to control and limit user access based on data security guidelines.

Besides security and control, there are some other benefits of hosting an online whiteboard like Collaboard on-premises, like:


Having your solution installed on-premises allows you to customize it based on your needs. Integrate with your existing authentication provider providing Single-Sing-on (SSO) via ADFS, oAuth interfaces or SALM 2.0.

If you need to limit the usage of certain features because of company guidelines, this is possible with an on-prem solution and provides you with the control you need over the application you want to have.

Fully control back-ups, updates and have your processes in place for people leaving your company.

White-labelling options

Starting company-wide with an online whiteboard requires you to onboard and train many users to get familiar with this new tool and the new way of working. 

Having the online-whiteboard white-labelled and customized to your company branding, providing specific templates to your users and using your specific domain helps boost user adoption. 

As people are more familiar with what they see and can identify better with an online whiteboard adapted to a companies CI/CD, they adapt faster.

POC in the Cloud – Go-Live with on-premises

As most of the online-whiteboards are available as cloud solutions, it is easy and fast to start a POC to evaluate if the product fit’s the users need.

With Collaboard, you can start with the cloud solution doing a POC and migrate data later to an on-premises installation.

Containerized solutions

Deploying an on-premise solution of Collaboard is relatively easy by using containers on Windows and on Linux environments. Updates can be managed easily and controlled by the customer.

If you want to learn more about Collaboard on-premises contact us

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