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To better understand how Collaboard could really improve your way of work, we prepared some videos for you. Take a look at our tutorial and stay tuned: we will add new videos for you and your team!

Welcome to Collaboard

All in one productivity digital workspace. An online whiteboard without limits, for a barrier-free collaboration. Discover Collaboard, now!

Working with objects

With the help of other useful objects, Collaboard makes it easier for teams to coordinate thoughts and programs.


Working with sticky notes

Use sticky notes to remember the most important things. You can see how easy it is to change size, text, colors.

Brainstorming with Collaboard

This video shows a brainstorming session with Collaboard. Creating sticky notes with different colors and text.

Create a Mind-map with Collaboard

This video shows you how to create a mind-map with the Collaboard web version. You can create a mind-map using different objects, like images, sticky notes, text, pdfs, office documents and much more.