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Your Collaboard Starter Kit

On this page you will find all the important links, instructions and videos for a successful start with Collaboard. In addition, we have summarized the frequently asked questions for you at the end. 

Online Help

Help articles that you can easily find via a search à la Google. 

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Collaboard Video Tutorials
Video Tutorials

Use our How-To-Videos, which will explain the functions of Collaboard shortly. 

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Free Trial

If you want to test all functions of Collaboard, start your free trial here. 

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Collaboard explained in less than 10 minutes

In the following video, you will get an overview of what Collaboard is and what basic features the online whiteboard offers you.




Watch an Online Training

Introduction and Basic Use Cases

We will show you the most important features of Collaboard on the basis of concrete use cases that you encounter again and again in meetings.

Duration: approx. 40 min

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Interesting Use Cases

Collaboard offers you an infinite digital whiteboard that you can use for numerous things. 
We have compiled a list of the most popular use cases for you, such as: 



Ice Breaker Games

Interactive Presentations


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Collaboard Trial work and do I have to cancel it?

If you have requested a Collaboard Trial, it will usually be activated within a few minutes. After that, you have access to all features of the advanced version of Collaboard. The trial is activated for 14 days. You do not have to cancel the trial, after 14 days you are automatically a free user again.

What is a guest user?

A guest user is someone who can access your board through a link. Guests do not have to register. However, you can ask them to enter a name.
To invite guests, you need a basic license of Collaboard or higher. How to invite guests to your board.

What can a guest do on the whiteboard?

A guest can edit the content you have shared on the board and create their own content. Most whiteboard functions are available to the guest. Advanced functions, such as using templates or facilitator features are not available to guests.

How do I lock and unlock objects on the board?

To prevent your board participants from accidentally moving content, it's worth locking each item. You can find instructions on how to lock and unlock content here.

How do I distribute the test licenses I have received?

Each subscription/license has an initial owner. This owner can invite other people to the license. You can do this under the "Team" tab. This way, you can add other people to your subscription.

What are the technical requirements for using Collaboard?

Collaboard is an app that runs in a web browser. You need an internet connection to work with Collaboard. Here you can find the technical requirements to work optimally with Collaboard.