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To better understand how Collaboard could really improve your way of work, we prepared some videos for you. Take a look at our tutorial and stay tuned: we will add new videos for you and your team!

Collaboard Basics

Create your first Project

Learn how to create your first project in Collaboard. 

A project in Collaboard equals one infinite whiteboard canvas. 

Add Sticky Notes

Learn how to add sticky notes to your whiteboard canvas.

Add Stick Notes from a Table

You can automatically generate sticky notes by copy them from a table. In the video you will see how sticky notes are generated in Collaboard from an Excel table.

Brainstorming with Collaboard

This video shows a brainstorming session with Collaboard. Creating sticky notes with different colors and text.

Create a Mind-map with Collaboard

This video shows you how to create a mind-map with the Collaboard web version. You can create a mind-map using different objects, like images, sticky notes, text, pdfs, office documents and much more.