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Collaboration solution with full data control - Nextcloud & Collaboard

Nextcloud and Collaboard teamed up and have integrated the online whiteboard Collaboard into Nextcloud Hub. With the integration, Collaboard whiteboards can be displayed directly in Nextcloud and launched from Nextcloud.

In today's increasingly decentralized work environment, teams need solutions for effective and seamless communication and collaboration. Nextcloud and Collaboard provide a highly secure solution to enable distributed teams to work together more efficiently. With the online whiteboard Collaboard, teams can brainstorm, create mindmaps, conduct retrospectives, and improve project work. The big advantage is the visualization of all relevant information on the online whiteboard, which is a perfect complement to Nextcloud's existing collaboration features, such as chat and video conferencing.
With Collaboard and Nextcloud, customers can run a comprehensive collaboration solution in their own data center (on-premises) and thus retain full control over all data. Through the self-hosting options, the collaboration solution is available decentrally, and customers can obtain it from the provider of their choice or operate it in a private cloud.

There is also the option of hybrid operation, where, for example, Collaboard from Deutsche Telekom's GDPR-compliant cloud is combined with a self-hosted installation of Nextcloud.

Collaboard is available as an app under the "Integration" category in the Nextcloud App Store. Get the Collaboard Nextcloud integration

Collaboard Nextcloud Integration-1

About Nextcloud

Nextcloud Hub is the industry's leading open-source collaboration platform that can be run on-premises. In Nextcloud, teams can access and edit documents, share chats and start video conferences. Furthermore, Nextcloud can be used to manage emails and calendars and thus work on projects from anywhere. Nextcloud is available as a mobile app, a web app and a desktop application.

About Collaboard

Collaboard is the leading and most flexible online whiteboard solution that can be run on-premises or in a private cloud and is also available as a SaaS solution from the public cloud. Collaboard can be customized according to customer needs and offers numerous out-of-the-box security features. A unique set of whiteboard features - and facilitator capabilities makes Collaboard a comprehensive visual collaboration tool for organizations of all types.



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