Collaboard - Hosting in Germany, GDPR compliant and independent

Collaboard offers the solution for all companies and organizations that want and need to comply with the strict requirements of the GDPR strictly.

Collaboard is the online whiteboard that offers 100% GDPR compliant data hosting in Europe and does not store data in data centers owned by U.S. companies.

To comply with the GDPR, it is crucial where a provider's data centers are located and where the storage and processing of personal data take place.
Even if the data centers of Microsoft, Google, or Amazon are located on European soil, this is not unproblematic. The reason for this is a 2018 law in the U.S.

The "Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act" (CLOUD Act) allows investigating authorities in the U.S. to access personal data that cloud providers store outside the U.S. as well. Furthermore, this law may require that users do not have to be informed about a query of their user data.

This conflicts with the E.U.'s General Data Protection Regulation. Article 48 prohibits companies from handing over data stored in Europe without a mutual legal assistance agreement.

These circumstances lead to U.S. companies with data centers in Europe not being GDPR compliant. If, for example, the FBI orders an investigation, companies only have the choice of which law they want to violate; the GDPR or the U.S. Cloud Act. This leads to legal uncertainty and risk for all companies using U.S. cloud providers.

Collaboard has decided to solve this problem once and for all and therefore relies on the Open Telekom Cloud of Deutsche Telekom as the hosting provider. This means that the cloud service provider is a German company that complies 100% with the GDPR and is not subject to the U.S. Cloud Act. There is no legal uncertainty, and companies obliged to comply with the GDPR can use the Online Whiteboard Collaboard without hesitation.

What are the advantages for Collaboard customers in the Open Telekom Cloud?

European data sovereignty 
Your data remains entirely within the E.U. The Open Telekom Cloud data centers are located in Germany and the Netherlands. European standards are met, and you avoid the risks arising from the U.S. Cloud Act or Schrems II.

Collaboard is a product of "IBV Informatik, Beratung und Vertriebs AG", a privately held Swiss software company, and is entirely independent.

Highly secure hosting in Europe 
Deutsche Telekom's data centers are world-class when it comes to security. The state-of-the-art data centers are protected from physical and virtual attacks like a fortress.
Various encryption techniques ensure that your data is protected to the highest standards. Over 1,000 security experts from the Telekom Group secure the Open Telekom Cloud against cyber attacks and constantly develop the security systems.

Compliance with industry-specific regulations
The storage of data in Collaboard at the Open Telekom Cloud facilitates the secure processing of data of professional secrecy holders according to § 203 StGB (e.g., elected attorneys, doctors, auditors, or legal departments in companies) and social data according to § 35 SGB I (e.g., data of health insurance companies).
Furthermore, the Open Telekom Cloud offers numerous industry-specific certifications, e.g.
TISAX, BSI C5, TCDP 1.0 ISO 27001
You can find a list of all certificates here

High availability
The Open Telekom Cloud offers Collaboard a high availability of 99.999 percent. When applying updates and security patches, it can happen that Collaboard is not available for a few minutes, so we cannot guarantee 100 percent high availability of Collaboard, but we come very close to 99.999 percent.

Powerful Online Whiteboard with European Touch
Collaboard offers a comprehensive set of features that can easily compete with the big online whiteboard players on the market. In addition, you can use Collaboard entirely in German and online help; YouTube videos are each available in German and English.
Collaboard's Italian modern design provides a simple and intuitive user interface.

Convince yourself of Collaboard and test it free of charge for 14 days. Our data protection and compliance specialists will be happy to assist you with your online whiteboard project.

Try Collaboard for free

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