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Selection and use of the online whiteboard Collaboard at Pronova BKK

Pronova BKK is one of the five largest company health insurance funds in Germany. Open to all interested parties nationwide, around 650,000 insured persons entrust their health to the health insurance company - not least because of the personal commitment and health expertise of its 1,500 employees. Whether via the 24/7 telephone service, video consultation, the app, e-mail, chat, or in the 60 service centers on site: pronova BKK takes care of its customers' concerns at all times.

Pronova BKK is not only convincing as a health insurance company but is also popular among Germany's employees. In 2022, the company made it onto the Focus list of the country's top employers for the seventh time in a row.

Biggest benefit

Nico Eisensteck from the HR development department at Pronova BKK emphasizes: 

"Collaboard is not only offering the highest data security, but also the design and features are very modern and attractive. For example, the embedding of gifs and videos supports the project work enormously. Working on projects nationwide and in real-time, sharing ideas and developing them together, that's innovation, and innovation is very valued at Pronova BKK."



More than 85% of the employees are now working remotely, and they will continue working in this way even after the nationwide home office requirement. In order to be able to offer its customers an excellent service and, in addition, to provide its employees with an optimal work-life balance, it is important to Pronova BKK to work together digitally and independently of location.

Only on-premises as highest data security

Nico Eisensteck describes the time before the introduction of Collaboard: "Before Collaboard, we worked for a year with an online whiteboard from a competitor. That's why we were already familiar with location-independent collaborative working."

The old provider could no longer meet Pronova BKK's data protection requirements. However, since data protection plays an important role at Pronova BKK, it was decided internally to use an online whiteboard that could be operated on-premises. After a market research the decision was made to use Collaboard. All online whiteboard users no longer have to worry about what confidential data and content they store or edit on a board. Collaboard is operated in a data center of their choice. Employees log in securely via Single Sing-On.

pronova BKK_Standort Leverkusen

Intuitive work

The employees did not need live training. Here, Pronova BKK relied on digital learning. The principle of "learning by doing" was applied. The online webinars and tutorials helped a lot and were collected in a "learning board." In addition, the HR department provides several exercise boards. On an internal platform, experiences with Collaboard can be exchanged, content can be looked up and work instructions, such as the correct sharing of a board with external ones, can be made available.

Learning Board CB

The right choice

"It was very important for us to continue using an online whiteboard and we are happy that we found a long-term partner in Collaboard, which is modern on the one hand, but also meets our data protection requirements. We immediately had an honest, even friendly relationship with IBV. Here, the communication works through several contact persons and there is always a timely response to feedback or questions," says Nico Eisensteck.

Collaboard is applicable in many ways

Every department at Pronova BKK has at least one license. The online whiteboard is used to prepare and follow up on internal project work, collect and develop ideas, and training sessions and workshops. So far, there has been much positive feedback from the departments.

Workshop CB

Nico Eisensteck is a convinced Collaboard user

"Collaboard offers a wide range of use. From simple collaborative mind-mapping to creative, almost art-like work, everything is possible. The templates offer a wide repertoire and it is simply fun to manage your tasks in Collaboard."