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About BOC Information Technologies Consulting GmbH

BOC Information Technologies Consulting GmbH (later called BOC) in Berlin offers software, consulting and services in the areas of Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) from a single source and has been working in this subject area at the highest level for over 25 years. With its innovative product and service portfolio, BOC is one of the leading providers in this field. They offer digital solutions and accompany projects for customers from the financial sector, production, research and development, the service sector and public administration.

Biggest Benefit

Matthias Putzler,
Management Consultant at the BOC:

"Our customers and colleagues are enthusiastic about Collaboard. We show how we work in the digital environment. Colleagues from the BOC Group are becoming more and more curious about what the BOC in Berlin is using. The intuitive operation as well as the invitation of guests via link and without additional authentication is a very big benefit for us. We don't want to miss Collaboard anymore."

Matthias Putzler

Before the implementation of Collaboard

Matthias Putzler, Management Consultant at BOC, describes the time before Collaboard: "BOC was a very typical on-site consultancy. The consultant puts on his jacket, packs his method case and places services at the customer's premises. Together with the customer, ideas are then sketched out and objectives formulated. For this, the consultants used whiteboards, stencils, pin boards and whatever else was available."

Consulting services are becoming increasingly digital. BOC noticed this very early on and equipped the consultants with tablets. The classic office products such as MS Word or PowerPoint reach their limits when it comes to collaborative work, i.e. working on an idea together with customers.

It had to be 100% General Data Protection Regulation compliant

In the BOC, several isolated solutions from freeware providers of an online whiteboard have emerged. "We need something professional, we want to have everything from one source and meet the technical progress" says Matthias Putzler.

Mr. Putzler, along with his colleague Naira Stützle Fernández, went through a proof of concept for the BOC to establish the requirements for an online whiteboard. Since Collaboard is the only solution that complies 100% with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it could only become this tool. A trial version of Collaboard was launched in February 2021 and licenses were ordered only a short time later.

Introductory workshop - authorizations

Intuitive working

"Collaboard is much clearer than other tools. Especially for customers who are not so tech-savvy. It just feels more like a whiteboard than other tools. In addition to the functions, it is very helpful to be able to adapt the interface language for the respective customers - German customers, German language, English, Italian, Spanish, and even Japanese can be selected with just one click" emphasizes Ms. Stützle Fernández, Consultant at BOC.

GPM Seminar - Beispielübung für Prozesslandkarte (Hotel)

Collaboard´s fields of application

After a year in use, Collaboard has manifested itself in everyday life in three areas:

1. First, of course, in the workshop with customers. "Through Collaboard, we not only show customers our capabilities by working with them to formulate their goals. We also show them how innovative and contemporary we are" describes Mr. Putzler.

2. Since the consultants of the BOC are also active in teaching and coaching, Collaboard is used to guide through a technical topic. Ideally it is suitable here particularly for the common understanding or activation exercises with a workshop.

3. The third area of use is internally within the team. The BOC uses Collaboard to bring together work results, to conduct brainstorming and voting.

Recommendation to Prospects

Mr. Putzler recommends Collaboard to interested parties before the project: "It helped us a lot to have a person on the team who puts on the ´Collaboard cap´ and acts as a central internal contact." Two internal training sessions with a demo board were offered to onboard users. After that, it is recommended to simply use Collaboard - "learning by doing." To support this, new employees in the BOC should map various use cases in Collaboard that are relevant to their everyday work for example an agenda, a memory to introduce Collaboard in workshops in a playful way and different workshop preparations in general.


GPM Seminar 2 days in Collaboard

GPM Seminar 2 Tage