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Great ideas work
better together.

Sketch your projects and your dreams on an unlimited canvas.
Collaborate with your team like never before.

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Generating Ideas

Brainstorm with the most common design thinking techniques. Be creative, stay connected on this remote working software and share your ideas with other great minds. Express the best part of yourself and let Collaboard do the rest. 

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Sketch presentations, product designs and workshops for your creative work. Let you and your mates use creativity and imagination to plan a solid structure for your projects and capture ideas whenever inspiration strikes!

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Collaboard makes the planning of activities more efficient and organized. It allows you to simplify your workflow productivity and plan remotely with your team, in a visual and effective way. Start planning your work.

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Manage the organizational process from beginning to end with mind maps, flowcharts, workflow and shared notes. Using this remote working software will enable you to work across multiple sites around the world, as if you’re in the same room.

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Decision Making & Strategy

Swot analysis, business model canvas and more to align vision and long-term objectives. Collaboard can help you in planning your digital strategy. The infinite canvases make you able to plan like on a big digital wall.

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Get the most out of all your e-learning projects: from frontal lectures to classroom conversation. Create content in real-time and get fast feedback with voting and rating features. With Collaboard trainings become more interactive and collaborative

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UX Design & Research

Define Personas, Customer Journey and service blueprint. Design site maps, user story maps and wireframes. Collaboard leaves your creative teams free to express their designs in a shared platform, ready to receive feedback and apply changes.

What do great minds
do with Collaboard?

Don't put limits to your ideas: you have all the space you want to take notes, make freehand sketches or share design alternatives. An online whiteboard without limits, for a barrier-free collaboration.

Thanks to Collaboard you can upload different types of documents such as .docx, .pptx, .xlsx and .pdf. Then, you can easily browse them on your online whiteboard, extract singles pages and create separate elements. You have the complete control on your project!

You can use Collaboard from multiple devices and collaborate in real time. Easily invite members of your team to collaborate with you. Use images, notes and digital objects on the online whiteboard to make projects more interesting and attractive.

Draw with the tool that you love, choose the shapes that you like and type as you have never done before. Less paper, more trees and updated files available anytime and anywhere, for all your team. You can draw using brushes, markers and pencils simply using one digital pen.


A great vision connect the team, quickly.

Imagine a new way of thinking.
Imagine people from all over the world collaborating on the same idea, on the same platform. Where everyone contributes and creates value.


Our mission with Collaboard is to connect all the great talents around the world on an online whiteboard. We want you to use Collaboard to be creative and work on your project and create new innovations. 

Online Whiteboards for education

Online whiteboards in the education sector support teachers and students in learning and teaching digitally.

Companies trusting

Start thinking differently together and drive innovative results!

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Some great minds using Collaboard.



"I am proud to say, that T-Systems is the first partner with an OEM version of CollaBoard, named "Teamwork Revolution". We love to use it internally for real-time collaboration with more than 11'000 employees.
Teamwork Revolution brings exactly the energy into our system, that we need to master the digitization journey together. Not only has it changed our national and international meeting culture, but also keeps transforming our way of working on a daily basis. We are never going to go back!"

Thomas Novotny, CTO Innovation / New Business, T-Systems

"I use Collaboard for my Chatbot workshops and for my teaching at various colleges. With Collaboard I can conduct my workshops completely independent of location. It is impressive how my Chatbot Canvas can be used on the digital whiteboard in a team and how quickly good results can be achieved. The participants feel integrated at all times and can work directly. With my students I design lectures completely interactive, so that it never gets boring. Everything in Collaboard."

Sophie Hundertmark, Founder ai-zurich

grade security

Collaboard is a high secure solution offering data hosting in Switzerland, Germany and on-premise.
Inhouse hosting
Inhouse hosting

Collaboard can be hosted on your on-premise environment where you have full data control

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Azure hosting

Benefit from the secruity features of the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Enterprise encryption
Enterprise level encryption

All your secrets in CollaBoard are encrypted and stored securely

Collaboard works on any device

With the online whiteboard Collaboard, the exchange of ideas goes beyond the limits of a meeting room, a phone call or a whiteboard. We created an optimized user interface for any device.
Apple iOS
Windows 10
Interactive Displays