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The GDPR compliant
Online Whiteboard

Visual Workspace for your Meetings & Workshops

  • Your Online Whiteboard for modern, digital teamwork

  • Super easy to use, without a long training period

  • Maximum data security, in the cloud or on-premises - Swiss Made

Organizations trusting Collaboard

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Whiteboard Features and much more

Collaboard offers all the classic whiteboard features like sticky notes, digital drawing pens, shapes, lines etc.

Additionally, you can import documents, upload and record images & videos. Turn the whiteboard into your multimedia workspace.

Facilitation functions and integrations in video conferencing & chat solutions allow you to break new ground in digital collaboration with Collaboard.


Whiteboard Elements

Whiteboard Features

Work on the infinite whiteboard canvas with sticky notes, shapes, digital pen, lines etc.
Facilitator Features

Facilitator Tools

Use features optimized for digital workshop facilitation, such as the timer, presentation mode, and quick links.


With the integrated voting and rating function, you can get feedback from the participants in no time.
Multimedia Content

Multimedia Content

Import your existing documents and media, or capture video and images directly to the whiteboard with the built-in camera.
Whiteboard Templates


Over 100 templates in different languages support you in your work with Collaboard. There are also new community templates.
Free Guest Users

Free Guest Users

Benefit from a fair licensing model and the option to invite guests with editing rights to your boards.

Most Secure Online Whiteboard with flexible hosting options

Collaboard is a whiteboard solution developed by the Swiss software company IBV, founded in 1981. The European team behind Collaboard places a high value on data security, data sovereignty, and independence.

Cloud Hosting

  • Open Telekom Cloud in Germany
  • Microsoft Azure Netherlands or Switzerland
  • Telia Cygate in Sweden



  • On-Premises
  • Private Cloud
  • Confidential Cloud



What is the online whiteboard used for?

Because an online whiteboard improves internal and external collaboration, our customers use Collaboard across departments and disciplines. 

We have compiled the most prominent use cases for Collaboard. From creative work, generating ideas, planning, organizing, strategy meetings, coaching, and training.

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Generating Ideas

Generating Ideas

Brainstorm with the most common design thinking techniques. Be creative, stay connected on this remote working software and share your ideas with other great minds. Express the best part of yourself and let Collaboard do the rest. 

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Sketch presentations, product designs and workshops for your creative work. Let you and your mates use creativity and imagination to plan a solid structure for your projects and capture ideas whenever inspiration strikes!

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Collaboard makes the planning of activities more efficient and organized. It allows you to simplify your workflow productivity and plan remotely with your team, in a visual and effective way. Start planning your work.

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Manage the organizational process from beginning to end with mind maps, flowcharts, workflow and shared notes. Using this remote working software will enable you to work across multiple sites around the world, as if you’re in the same room.

use case strategy
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Decision Making

Decision Making & Strategy

Swot analysis, business model canvas and more to align vision and long-term objectives. Collaboard can help you in planning your digital strategy. The infinite canvases make you able to plan like on a big digital wall.

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Get the most out of all your e-learning projects: from frontal lectures to classroom conversation. Create content in real-time and get fast feedback with voting and rating features. With Collaboard trainings become more interactive and collaborative

use case UX design
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Desing Research

UX Design & Research

Define Personas, Customer Journey and service blueprint. Design site maps, user story maps and wireframes. Collaboard leaves your creative teams free to express their designs in a shared platform, ready to receive feedback and apply changes.

A great vision connect the team, quickly.

Imagine people from all over the world working together on the same idea and the same whiteboard platform - all contributing to creating something new together. True to Collaboard's motto:


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Start taking your digital collaboration to the next level now. Collaboard offers you a free version as well as different subscription models.

Why Collaboard?

CB Testimonial

I primarily use Collaboard in online meetings. One area where Collaboard consistently proves its worth is a problem familiar from video chats: as a group, we discuss the same points seemingly endlessly, and while the outcome is accepted by participants, it is not fully embraced. Here, Collaboard is immensely helpful. Everyone gets the opportunity to visualize their ideas and thought processes within the context of the discussion. 

Benedikt Röthlin
Organisation & IT at Liebherr

nico eisensteck

"Collaboard not only offers the highest data security but the design and features are also very modern and appealing. For example, embedding GIFs and videos supports project work enormously. Working on projects nationwide and in real time, sharing ideas and developing them together, that's innovation and is a big priority at Pronova BKK."


Nico Eisensteck
Human resources development at Pronova BKK

Collaboard Reference Gerland

"The biggest benefit for everyone is the worry-free use. Users can log in with their university account and know that everything has been checked for data protection and officially approved. The teachers are happy that they no longer have any limitations and can now fully use the tool in their teaching."

Jacqueline Gerland
Team Leader IT-Customer Service at the University of Kassel

Sven Kaiser - AFI GmbH_klein

"With Collaboard, our Sprint Retros for example are much more collaborative and efficient, and the most important thing is that we have fun doing it. The mix of existing templates and the space to let your own creativity play is great. The communication was not only on a high technical level, but also personally very friendly and smooth."

Sven Kaiser
Professional Scrum Master at AFI Solutions GmbH

Miro alternatives » The best online whiteboard tools (2024)

Anyone who uses online whiteboards in a professional or school environment quickly realizes that simple tools such as Word or Pages are not well suited for this. Many people then switch to the online whiteboard tool Miro, but realize over time that Miro is not ideal either. In this article, we will therefore introduce you to good Miro alternatives. We explain what an online whiteboard needs to be able to do and point out Miro's weaknesses. We also present Collaboard as the ideal Miro alternative.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have Question? We are here to help

1. What is an online whiteboard?

An online whiteboard is a collaborative platform that allows users to collaborate on projects. It allows sharing ideas and notes and uploading and downloading files. Thanks to the intuitive interface, anyone can quickly learn how to use the online whiteboard. 

2. Is there a free version of Collaboard?

Collaboard offers different pricing models. Among others, there is a free version with limited functionality. Free users can work on the whiteboard without restrictions but cannot access the guest, facilitator, and export functions. Check out the different subscription models of Collaboard: Collaboard price overview

3.How to purchase Collaboard?

You can purchase a Collaboard subscription directly in the app with your credit card. For companies and organizations, we also offer purchases on invoices.

4.Are there special conditions for educational institutions?

We offer special conditions for teachers and educational institutions. You can choose between discounted license packages for smaller groups and a campus license. 

5.Which subscription model offers customizing options for Collaboard?

Starting with the Collaboard Enterprise subscription, we offer the possibilities of Single Sign-On, White labeling, and further customization.

6.What are the possibilities of hosting Collaboard on my own?

There are two options to run Collaboard on-premises or in a private cloud. The first option is to install it in a Kubernetes environment, which you can configure and scale yourself. This option is suitable for companies using Collaboard with more than 200 users. The second option is to run Collaboard as a virtual appliance that is already pre-configured and ready to use. More about the self-hosting options of Collaboard

7. What are the advantages of an online whiteboard?

An online whiteboard offers many advantages for collaboration. It allows you to share ideas and information in real-time and visually, making team communication more efficient. It can also help streamline workflows and create more productivity within the team! The whiteboard can be accessed from anywhere worldwide, making it ideal for virtual meeting rooms and remote teams.

8. Can I share the Online Whiteboard with my team?

Yes, you can share the online whiteboard with your team! It's a great way to share and discuss ideas. You can use it to share documents and even hold video conferences. You can easily invite internal and external team members to your board.

9.For whom is Collaboard?

The Collaboard Online Whiteboard is suitable for anyone who likes to collaborate online. It is beneficial for group projects, online meetings, and workshops, as it allows several people to work simultaneously on the same virtual whiteboard. 

10. Which integrations are available for Collaboard?

Collaboard offers you several integrations with existing collaboration solutions. List of all Collaboard integrations