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Desing Research

UX Design & Research

Define Personas, Customer Journey and service blueprint. Design site maps, user story maps and wireframes. Collaboard leaves your creative teams free to express their designs in a shared platform, ready to receive feedback and apply changes.



To carry out a powerful and solid project, you need to define the right audience to target. Every idea needs a buyer persona to turn to and, thanks to Collaboard Personas template, you can make your information meaningful.

Customer Journey


Collaboard helps you to better understand at what stage is your buyer persona. Try to identify this with Collaboard templates; thanks to them, you can strategically plan the journey in the right direction.

Service Blueprint


To better focus all the necessary features of your service, Collaboard gives you the chance to create a service blueprint template. With these templates, you and your team can gain new perspectives and strategically plan new directions.



Organize your website in the most user friendly way with the different templates in Collaboard. Check all the information and arrange it to be easily found by users. See the way your digital pages are connected and improve it.

User Story Map


Define the user story: outline your datas, share your thoughts and create maps to analyze the journey. Let your team work together even if apart, and allow them to fastly make arrangements on this powerful knowledge sharing platform.



Design your personal wireframe and share it with your team. Let you and your mates use creativity and imagination to plan a solid structure for your projects and capture ideas whenever inspiration strikes!