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Great ideas work
better together.

Sketch your projects and your dreams on an unlimited canvas.
And get the job done.

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Manage the organizational process from beginning to end with mind maps, flowcharts, workflow and shared notes. Using this remote working software will enable you to work across multiple sites around the world, as if you’re in the same room.

Mind Map


Create multimedia mind maps with Collaboard. You can connect objects and create a mind-map containing simple text, sticky notes, images, videos and much more. Rate and vote contents and quickly decide which ideas are the best!

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The infinite canvas in Collaboard allows you to examine the flow and the interactions of your process. Collaborate with multiple people on the same project with different shapes and icon sets.

Flow Chart


Create your flowchart in a collaborative way. Draw it as if you’re writing with your pen on a piece of paper and see the magic happen! With Collaboard your team can view the flowchart anywhere and anytime.