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Roadmap Template

Create a unique roadmap in record time with just one click using our free template! - Professional planning has never been so quick and easy.


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About the Template for Roadmaps

A roadmap illustrates the strategic development planning of an organization or company. It presents milestones, goals and priorities in a chronological overview, often using bars, lines or other graphical elements. In addition to the goals, these elements can also contain specific dates, responsibilities, resource information, progress indicators and links to further documents or websites.

Collaboard offers you roadmap templates that you can customize directly and fill in with your specific planning details.

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Roadmap Templates in Collaboard

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Why is a Roadmap Important?

A roadmap is an essential tool for strategic planning as it provides a clear and visual representation of future goals and the steps to achieve them.

  • A roadmap promotes understanding and transparency between different departments and stakeholders by showing how individual tasks and milestones contribute to the overall goal.

  • It enables efficient allocation and use of resources by clearly defining priorities and timeframes, avoiding overload and ensuring overall success.

  • It helps teams and stakeholders to focus on common goals and avoids distraction by less relevant tasks. 

How to use the Roadmap Template in Collaboard

  1. Use one of the ready-made roadmap or timeline templates and add it to the whiteboard.

  2. You can extend the roadmap template to cover the entire timeline of your roadmap. You have no limits on the infinitely large whiteboard.

  3. Add your milestones to the template and illustrate them with content on maps, images, videos and much more. 

  4. You can customize and dynamically change the roadmap in Collaboard. Alternatively, you can also export your roadmap as a PDF or image to have a static image. 

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Roadmap Template: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is a roadmap template?

A roadmap template is a pre-structured document or visual representation that serves as a starting point for creating a specific roadmap. It usually contains sections or elements that facilitate the planning and visualization of strategic goals, milestones and timeframes.

Why should I use a roadmap template?

A roadmap template saves time and ensures that all important aspects of planning are considered. It provides a consistent structure that helps to communicate information clearly and effectively and facilitates collaboration and understanding between different team members and stakeholders.

Can I customize a roadmap template to my specific project?

Yes, roadmap templates are designed to be customized for specific projects or goals. You can add, remove or modify elements to adapt the template to your specific requirements, the scope of the project and the stakeholders involved.

What information should I include in my roadmap?

A roadmap should include clear objectives, milestones, timeframes, responsibilities, resource requirements and progress indicators. It can also include links to detailed plans or documents, visual elements to improve comprehensibility and sections for notes or comments.

How often should I update my roadmap?

The frequency of updates depends on the nature of the project, the objectives set and the dynamics of the environment. It is important to regularly review and update the roadmap to ensure that it reflects current circumstances and continues to serve as a reliable planning tool.

Can roadmap templates be used for different types of projects?

Yes, roadmap templates are flexible and can be customized for a variety of projects, including product development, marketing campaigns, IT implementations and more. The basic structure of a roadmap is versatile and can be tailored to different contexts and objectives.