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Persona Template

Create your personas with just a few clicks using free templates! - Simply adapt the templates to your needs. Persona creation has never been so quick and easy.


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About the template for personas

A persona template is a tool used in marketing, product design and other disciplines to create fictional characters that represent the key user groups of a product or service. 

Collaboard offers you persona templates to fill in directly.

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Persona templates in Collaboard

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Why are personas important?

Personas are important because they create a focused and user-centered understanding of the target group.

  • They enable targeted product development by highlighting the needs and challenges of users.

  • Personas provide valuable insights for marketing strategies by helping to segment the target group more precisely.

  • Using personas, target groups and their characteristics can be visualized and quickly understood by everyone.

How to use the persona templates in Collaboard

  1. Use one of the ready-made persona templates on the online whiteboard. Adapt the characteristics of the persona to your needs. Use symbols and different colors.

  2. Now add names, demographic data and other specific information such as goals, needs and pain points. You can also use images or even videos to make the persona more vivid.

  3. Customize the persona further and invite other people to add content to the persona as well. If you create the persona on an online whiteboard like Collaboard, you can dynamically customize it at any time and access it from anywhere.

  4. If you want to send the persona to someone, either invite them to your whiteboard or export the persona as an image or PDF.

  5. Use the infinite digital whiteboard space to create multiple personas at once. Visualize relationships and dependencies between the individual personas if desired.

Why Collaboard?

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Persona template: Frequently asked questions and answers

Where can I find the persona templates?

You can find the templates for personas in the Collaboard template library. You can add a template to an existing whiteboard or start a new board with a template. 

What is the purpose of a persona template?

The purpose of a persona template is to create a clear and focused picture of the target audience in order to better align product development, design and marketing strategies.

Do personas have to be based on real data?

Ideally, personas should be based on real, empirical data in order to provide as accurate a picture of the target group as possible.

How many personas should you create?

The number of personas depends on the project and the complexity of the target group. Often 3-5 personas are considered representative of the most important user groups.

Can I change personas after they have been created?

Personas are dynamic tools that should be updated when new data becomes available or the needs of the target group change.

How detailed should a persona be?

That depends on the intended use. Some projects require very detailed personas, while others get by with rough characterizations. The important thing is that the persona created provides sufficient information to make effective decisions.

How do I share created personas with my team?

Personas can be shared with the team as documents, presentations or via specialized software tools. Some teams also use online whiteboards to collaborate on personas and adapt them dynamically.