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Organizational Chart template

Create a unique organizational chart in record time with just one click using our free template! - Professional design has never been so quick and easy.


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About the template for organizational charts

An organizational chart visualizes the internal hierarchy of an organization or company. It illustrates employees and their respective positions using boxes or other graphic elements. These elements can include photos, contact information, email addresses, website links, icons and illustrations in addition to positions.

Collaboard offers you organizational chart templates to fill in directly.

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Organizational Chart Templates in Collaboard

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Why is an organization chart important?

Visualizing an organizational structure using an organizational chart provides a clear overview of the hierarchies and relationships within an organization.  Other reasons for using an organizational chart include

  • New employees quickly get an overview of their colleagues, superiors and the various departments and teams 

  • Responsibilities and affiliations are easy to understand

  • Personnel bottlenecks are easily identified and the organizational chart supports organizational changes

How to use the organizational chart template in Collaboard?

  1. Use one of the ready-made organizational chart templates. Decide whether you want to use boxes and text or other visual elements such as images in different colors to create the organizational chart. Define the colors and thickness of the connecting lines in your organizational chart. 

  2. Now add the names, roles and areas of responsibility of the people in your organization. You can also use images or even videos. 

  3. Customize the org chart further and invite other people to add content to the org chart as well. If you create the organization chart in Collaboard, you can dynamically adjust it at any time and access it from anywhere.

  4. If you want to send the organization chart to someone, either invite this person to your whiteboard or export the organization chart as an image or PDF.

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Organizational chart template: Frequently asked questions and answers

Where can I find the organizational chart templates?

You can find the templates for organizational charts in the Collaboard template library. You can add a template to an existing whiteboard or start a new board with a template. 

What types of organization charts are there?

There are numerous types of organization charts, such as hierarchical organization charts, function-oriented organization charts, divisional organization charts, matrix organization charts and many more. 

What are the advantages of an organization chart? 

The advantages of an organization chart are the clear representation of hierarchy and relationships, which leads to better understanding, more effective communication and more informed decision-making. In addition, an organizational chart promotes transparency, planning, collaboration and personal development within the organization.

What software or tools can I use to create organizational charts?

There are numerous software tools and applications available for creating organizational charts, including Microsoft Visio or PowerPoint. Online whiteboards have also developed into very good solutions for creating organizational charts. With Collaboard, you have unlimited space to create even more complex and larger organizational charts.

Can I adapt an organizational chart to the needs of my organization?

Yes, you can adapt organizational charts to the specific requirements and structures of your organization. You can adjust the number of levels, symbols, colors and other elements to make the org chart as informative as possible.

Are there free organizational chart templates?

There are numerous free organizational chart templates available online. Many organizational chart tools also offer free versions with basic features. 

Can an organizational chart be used for purposes other than just showing the organizational structure?

Organizational charts can also be used for other purposes, such as depicting project teams, planning workflows or visualizing processes and decision paths in an organization.