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Online Whiteboard - GDPR Compliant
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European data sovereignty

Are you looking for an online whiteboard and collaboration solution that stores your data exclusively in data centers run by European providers?


Collaboard is a visual collaboration platform that is developed in Switzerland and stores the data at Deutsche Telekom. This ensures that your data is not held by any American subcontractors. 

With the Schrems II ruling of July 2020, the EU/US Privacy Shield was repealed. With Collaboard, we offer you European data sovereignty.

The secure online whiteboard for teams


Hosting in Germany

Everything you create in Collaboard is stored in the Open Telekom Cloud according to the highest security standards. The data centers in Magdeburg and Biere are a fortress for data. 


GDPR Compliant

Collaboard is a data-saving solution and meets data security compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Data privacy

All data you use in Collaboard is transmitted and stored encrypted according to the latest security standards. 

Local Team & Customer Success Manager

We support you with our European team in Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. Collaboard is a Swiss solution and the app is available in multiple languages



Customer-centric development

Transparent and honest communication is very important to us. That's why we share publicly on our roadmap what we are currently working on and what features are coming next. 

Collaboard is a flexible solution that also offers you customization.

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Use Cases for Collaboard

Collaboard's infinite whiteboard space allows all team members to collaborate in real time from their personal device, adding new content to the board for all to see and editing existing content.

Brainstorming as a group, creating mindmaps, visualizing processes, aggregating data, conducting workshops, planning projects and much more is possible with Collaboard.
Collaboard is a transformative technology that improves collaboration throughout your organization.

Mind Maps

Create mind maps on the infinite whiteboard surface alone or in a group. Use all the different elements in Collaboard like sticky notes, text, images, videos, and much more.


Conduct interactive, online workshops. Use the facilitator features (timer, voting, presentation mode, etc.) to guide your participants.

Online Lessons

Corporate Learning

Make your online seminars and lessons interactive and varied. Present with the whiteboard and actively engage your audience.

Agile Working

Agile Sprint

Digitize your agile methods. Use Collaboard for retrospectives and sprint meetings. Use the online whiteboard as a digital counterpart to your agile board and collaborate on it in real-time. 



Get creative as a team on the digital whiteboard. Brainstorm new ideas and concepts in real-time. Use sticky notes and polls to quickly identify the best ideas.

Product Design


Collaboard supports you create new products and services. From the idea to the concept to the project, your team can use the online whiteboard.