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Collaboard for the healthcare sector


Constantly changing situations (e.g. in the COVID 19 pandemic) mean that processes are adapted dynamically.

However, it is often difficult to involve all the specialists in the process. It takes too long to make decisions and adapt processes.

We present new approaches for the collaboration of different specialists in the health care sector with an online whiteboard. So

  • Visualize your processes quickly and easily
  • Make changes in real time
  • Add comments like on a real whiteboard with the digital pen 

Online whiteboards to improve the collaboration

Collaboration and networking make the organization and its processes more agile.

Online whiteboards make it easy for distributed teams of specialists to visualize, discuss and optimize processes.

Everyone can collaborate simultaneously on the online whiteboard, and anyone can add content and contribute ideas in real-time. It works as if everyone is in the same room.

This takes collaboration to a new level, no longer just via screen sharing in video conferences.


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Data security and Swiss quality

Collaboard is a Swiss online whiteboard app that focuses on highest data security.

With Collaboard, you ensure that all sensitive data is stored in accordance with the latest legal requirements.

You decide whether the collected data is stored with a cloud provider in Switzerland or on your own servers.

  • On-premises hosting
  • Microsoft Azure Switzerland hosting
  • Hosting in our own cloud tenant

Online whiteboards promote creative teamwork


To optimize processes, creative solutions are often required. 

Specialists can add and discuss their ideas on the online whiteboard from anywhere and any device. Electronic voting functions make decision-making more efficient. This allows teams to work as creatively as if they were holding a workshop on site. Use Collaboard for:

  • Brainstorming
  • Mind-Map
  • Affinity-Map

On the online whiteboard, you can bring your process diagrams to life.

When new processes are introduced, it is important to inform all parties involved in an effective way.

By giving all participants access to the online whiteboard and the processes created there, process transparency is created very quickly. With different access rights we ensure that authorized persons only adapt processes. 

On the online whiteboard, you add videos and audio messages and give individual process steps a voice or face.