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Online Whiteboard for Enterprises
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Secure Virtual Whiteboarding

Collaboard is made for enterprise customers with elevated data security and privacy needs. Every organization is different and Collaboard is a flexible online whiteboard that adapts to your needs.

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Collaboard Enterprise
offers you

GDPR Compliance

GDPR compliant hosting on servers in Switzerland and no user tracking.

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Host Collaboard on-premises or in the cloud of your choice.


Custom branding, integrations, disclaimer, and security settings.

Single-Sign-On (SSO)

SSO für Collaboard via SAML 2.0, oAuth 2, ADFS, O365, and other providers. Learn more

Admin Dashboard

Manage licenses, users, in-app templates and access statistics (available for Self-Hosting customers).

Custom SLA

A custom service level agreement that fits your needs.

GDPR Compliance
Swiss Hosting

Work with Collaboard hosted on servers in Switzerland. We ensure compliance with GDPR and secure your data with state-of-the-art technology.

  • All data is processed in the EU and Switzerland
  • User actions are not tracked
  • Get your own tenant and use Single-Sign-On (SSO)
  • All content created is protected with Collaboard's high security standards

On-Premises or the Cloud of Your Choice

Protect your whiteboard data with the highest security and take full control of the location where your data is stored. Reach full compliance with your security requirements.

  • The self-hosted version of Collaboard provides you with the same features as the cloud version
  • Collaboard is based on container technology (Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift)
  • Run Collaboard in your datacenter (completely shielded of the internet if needed)
  • Run Collaboard in your cloud instance on (Azure, AWS, AzureGov, AWSGov)

Benefit from Collaboards flexibility

Increase user adoption, fulfill security requirements, and leverage your custom integration of one of our supported audio- and videoconference solution in Collaboard.

With your customized version of Collaboard, you provide the best online whiteboard experience for your organization.

Custom Branding

Use Collaboard with the elements of your corporate identity, like: Your logo, company color, specific domain, login page and app name).

Enable/Disable Features

wi__Setting Collaboard-Settings

Enable or disable features. Customize the toolbar and features available in your installation (available for self-hosting and own tenant).

Apply your security standard

wi__Close padlock Collaboard-Security

Define how security-relevant features shall work for you: Enable/disable guest users, customize invitation link validity duration, force password protection for projects, and much more.

Custom Disclaimer Message

We provide you with different options to tell your users what they need to take care of when working with Collaboard. Display your own disclaimer message in the app.

Custom Integrations

wi_Teams integration Collaboard-integrationen

Use your custom integration in Microsoft Teams or enable the integration with your Zoom and WebEx tenant.

Your customization?

Collaboards is designed as a flexible solution to adjust to your needs. We are happy to hear and discuss your ideas.

Together We Make Your
Online Whiteboard Project a Success

Using an online whiteboard in your organization will improve productivity, enrich the remote meeting experience, and boost hybrid work scenrios.

We help you with your project and to get the most out of your online whiteboard solution. Benefit from more than five years of experience with online whiteboard projects at international organizations.

Onboarding & Training

Increase user adoption - We provide end-user, workshop facilitator, and onboarding training.

Customer Success Manager

In regular sessions, we work with your key stakeholders on implementing your use cases in Collaboard and collect feedback.

Custom Templates

For your organization and your use cases, we build custom templates for you in Collaboard.

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