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YouTube Integration with Collaboard

Elevate your online whiteboard sessions by incorporating YouTube videos seamlessly with Collaboard. Our platform offers a built-in search feature, allowing you to effortlessly locate and embed your desired YouTube content directly onto the whiteboard.

  • Directly search for and access YouTube videos within Collaboard.

  • Immerse yourself in the learning experience by watching YouTube videos right on the whiteboard.

  • Enhance your sessions by taking notes and capturing insights as you view.


Collaboard YouTube Integration

Collaboard YouTube Search Integration

Effortlessly locate YouTube videos using Collaboard's direct search feature. Simply drag and drop your selected video from the search results straight onto your whiteboard, streamlining your workflow and enriching your collaborative experience. 

Collaboard YouTube Search Integration

Play YouTube Videos on your Whiteboard

Effortlessly stream YouTube videos within Collaboard and engage interactively as you watch. Jot down notes, formulate questions, or summarize key takeaways in real-time, directly alongside the video.

Enhance the viewing experience by preloading questions for viewers to ponder and answer, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

Moreover, initiate simultaneous playback of multiple videos and share them seamlessly with your team, facilitating a versatile and collaborative viewing session.

Play YouTube Videos in Collaboard