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Vision Board - Your Source of Inspiration for Creativity and Goals

A vision board helps you to visualise your goals and dreams and pursue them in an inspiring way. Whether it's about clarifying professional ambitions, setting personal goals or simply bringing more creativity into your life, a vision board offers a structured way to manifest your visions. 

In this article, you will learn all about vision boards: from their importance for personal development to practical tips for creating them, inspiring ideas and using online tools such as Collaboard to design and share your vision board digitally

What is a Vision Board?  

A vision board is a method for visualising your goals, dreams and wishes. It serves as a visual collage that inspires and motivates you to achieve your goals. By arranging images, texts, quotes and symbols on a vision board, you can clearly define your ambitions and visualise them every day. 

Vision Board_eng 

The idea behind a vision board is based on the power of visualisation. When you capture your goals in pictures and words, they become more tangible and effective. By regularly looking at your vision board, you can increase your motivation and focus on what is really important to you. 

A vision board can cover different areas of life, from professional goals and personal dreams to relationships or health. It is an individual tool that helps you to visualise your wishes and set a clear direction for your future. 

The power of visualisation 

Visualisation is a technique in which mental images and ideas are used to define and achieve goals and dreams more clearly. By visualising your goals and recording them on a vision board, they become more tangible and focused. This technique utilises the power of the mind to manifest the desired results. 

The advantages of visualisation include:

  • Clear goal setting 
    Visualisation helps to concretise goals and dreams and to keep them in mind.
  • Motivation and focus 
    By regularly visualising your goals, you increase your motivation and focus on the essentials. 
  • Stress reduction
    Visualisation can help to reduce stress by focusing on positive thoughts and goals. 
  • Increased self-confidence 
    Through visualisation, you develop a stronger feeling of self-efficacy and self-confidence, as you see your goals more clearly and their realisation seems closer. 

Visualisation is a proven technique used by many successful people, such as Oprah Winfrey, to achieve their goals and realise their dreams. 

Application Areas of a Vision Board


You can use a vision board in various areas of your life to define goals, visualise dreams and boost your motivation.  

 Here are some areas where you can use a vision board: 

  • Personal development 
    People use vision boards to record and pursue personal goals such as self-improvement, learning goals or life goal.
  • Health and wellbeing
    Vision boards can be used to visualise health goals such as fitness goals, nutrition plans or stress management techniques. 
  • Relationships 
    A vision board can also include relationship goals, be it in a partnership, family or friendships. 
  • Creativity and hobbies  
    Artists and creatives use vision boards to record their ideas, projects and inspirations. 
  • Financial goals
    From financial independence to investment goals - vision boards can help visualise financial dreams and goals. 
  • Travelling and adventure
    People use vision boards to record travel destinations and adventures and to look forward to upcoming trips.

The possible applications of a vision board are diverse and individual. It serves as a tool for visualising the desired areas of life and actively working towards their realisation. 


The Importance of a Vision Board for Personal Goals 

A vision board can play an important role in your personal development as it helps you to define your goals.  

 For these reasons, a vision board can have a positive impact on achieving your goals:  

  • Focus on goals 
    A vision board visualises your goals and dreams, which helps you to focus on what is really important. By seeing your goals clearly, you stay focussed and motivated to achieve them. 
  • Increasing motivation 
    By regularly looking at your vision board, you will always be reminded of your goals. This increases your motivation and helps you to persevere, even when there are challenges.
  • Clear visions 
    A vision board enables you to clearly define your wishes and visions. As a result, you develop a deeper understanding of what you want to achieve and can work towards it in a more targeted way. 
  • Creative expression 
    Creating a vision board is a creative process that allows you to express your goals in an artistic and personal way. This creative expression strengthens the connection to your goals. 
  • Positive approach
    By working with a vision board, you focus on the positive and what you want to achieve. This promotes a positive mindset that helps you to overcome obstacles and recognise opportunities. 


A vision board not only supports you in achieving your goals, but also in your personal development and self-realisation. It helps you to turn your dreams into concrete goals and actively work towards their realisation.


Create a Vision Board: Step-by-Step Instructions  

Creating a vision board is easy and fun! You can create your own vision board both on paper and online with a Whiteboard like Collaboard.  

Are you asking yourself: "How do I create a vision board?" 

Here you will find step-by-step instructions on how to design your own vision board:

  1. Choose a format 
    Decide whether you want to create your vision board on paper or whether you would prefer to work online with a whiteboard tool such as Collaboard.
  2. Define your goals 
    Think about which goals you want to visualise. Do you want to visualise your professional goals, health, relationships or personal development? 
  3. Collect materials 
    Collect magazines, photos, drawings, quotes or anything that represents your goals and dreams. You can of course also use digital images when creating an online vision board.  
  4. Design your board 
    Cut out or print out images that represent your goals and then arrange them on your board. If you want to create your vision board online, place the elements on your whiteboard. Add text, quotes or colours that support your vision.  
  5. Reflect and refine 
    Look at your vision board regularly and revise it if necessary. Let it develop organically and don't worry too much if it seems "empty" at the beginning. Change and add to your vision board when your goals or dreams change. 
  6. Share and collaborate (optional) 
    Once you have created the vision board online with Collaboard, you can share it with others and even design it with them to work on your goals together.  
  7. Make your board visible 
    Set up your vision board in a place where you can see it every day, e.g. at your desk. Once you have created your vision board online, export it as an image file and use it as a background image on your laptop, for example. This will keep you continuously connected to your goals. 


Creating a vision board is a creative and personal experience that helps you to define, visualise and achieve your goals. Use our guide to create your personalised vision board.  

Inspiration: Vision Board Ideas and Examples

Are you ready to make your own vision board and looking for creative design ideas? 

 We have prepared some inspiration and examples for the design of your personal vision board: 

  • Career goals 
    Add pictures of your dream job, your dream office, quotes from inspiring personalities in your field or symbols of professional success. 
  • Health and wellbeing
    Integrate images of healthy foods, fitness activities, places to relax (such as a spa) or your dream figure. You could also include a picture of a particular item of clothing that you want to fit you soon.  
  • Personal development 
    Use images from books, quotes or goals for personal growth and development. 
  • Travelling and adventure 
    Add pictures of places you want to travel to, activities you want to try or experiences you want to have. 
  • Family and relationships 
    Integrate photos of loved ones, symbols of connectedness or goals for a fulfilling relationship.  
  • Creativity and hobbies 
    Use images that represent your creative passions, such as works of art, musical instruments or places where you like to practise your hobbies.  
  • Finances and materials targets 
    Add symbols for financial success, possessions or material goals that you would like to achieve. For example, a picture of your dream house or a car that you would like to own. 



Let your creativity run wild and design your vision board to reflect your personal goals and dreams. Combine images, colours, texts and symbols that inspire and motivate you. Your vision board is a unique representation of your vision for the future. 


Create an Online Vision Board with Collaboard 

Would you like to create your vision board online and take advantage of a collaborative tool? Collaboard is the ideal Online Whiteboard for designing and sharing your vision board.  

With Collaboard you benefit from the following advantages:  

  • Collaborative working 
    With Collaboard, you can work together with others on a vision board. Whether you want to collaborate with friends, colleagues or family members, Collaboard allows you to share ideas and work together on your goals. 
  • Flexibility and interactivity 
    Collaboard offers a variety of tools with which you can design your vision board interactively. Add images, text, shapes and more to visually represent your goals and dreams. With a digital pen, e.g. from Microsoft or Apple, you can draw with a brush, pen or pencil to replace your analogue handwriting. 
  • Access from anywhere 
    As Collaboard is online, you can access your vision board from any device - be it a computer, tablet or smartphone. This means you can work on your goals at any time, no matter where you are. 
  • Sharing and presenting 
    With Collaboard you can easily share and present the vision board. Show it to your friends, colleagues or mentors to get feedback or inspire others.  

Start focussing on your goals today and work towards your future with motivation. 

Vision Board Templates and Tools  

Would you like to design your vision board with the help of templates and tools?  

Here you'll find free resources to help you create your vision board, whether it's for personal goals or professional visions: 

  • Online templates 
    Many websites offer free vision board templates that you can use directly. These templates often contain ready-made layouts and designs that you can customise as you wish.
  • Vision Board Apps 
    If you want to create a vision board, use various apps for smartphones and tablets. These apps often offer practical functions such as drag-and-drop to add images and text, as well as options for sharing and saving your board.
  • DIY templates 
    If you prefer to create a physical vision board, you can use simple DIY templates. Print out templates from the internet or create your own using paper, pens and magazine cuttings.


Tips for your Vision Board - Best Practices

A vision board is not just a collection of pictures and words, but a representation of your dreams and goals.  

To help you get the best out of your vision board, we have put together some tips for you: 

  1. Clearly visualise 
    Choose images, symbols and words that clearly and concisely represent your goals and dreams. The more specific you are, the stronger the impact of your vision board will be. 
  2. Make it personal 
    Your vision board should reflect your personal values and wishes. Add elements that inspire and motivate you.
  3. Keep it up to date 
    Update your vision board regularly to integrate changes and new goals. This way, it remains a dynamic support for your personal development. 
  4. Put it in a special place
    Place your vision board in a place where you can see it every day - be it in your study, bedroom or somewhere else that is important to you. 
  5. Be open to changes
    Let your vision board grow and change organically. Sometimes goals evolve or new goals emerge. Be flexible and adapt your vision board accordingly. 


Vision Board: Your Path to more Clarity and Motivation  

A vision board is not just a collage of pictures and words, but a way to visualise and manifest your goals and dreams. From capturing your visions to increasing your motivation, a vision board offers a structured and creative method to drive your personal development. 

With a clear focus on your goals and dreams, you can use a vision board to increase your motivation and realise what is really important to you. Whether professional ambitions, personal wishes or creative ideas - a vision board can help you shape your future. 

Your vision board is the key to more clarity, motivation and self-realisation. Start now and visualise your goals. 


Vision Board - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 

What is a vision board? 

A vision board is a visual representation of goals, dreams and desires, represented by images, words and symbols to encourage inspiration and motivation.

How do I create a vision board? 

To create a vision board, collect images, symbols and words that represent your goals and arrange them on a poster, pinboard or digital whiteboard. 

Which materials do I need for a vision board?

You will need posters or pinboards, magazines or printouts for pictures and words, scissors, glue and your imagination. For a digital vision board, you can use an online whiteboard. 

Why is a vision board useful?

A vision board helps to visualise goals, gain clarity about dreams, increase motivation and focus on achieving goals. 

Can I create my vision board online?

Yes, there are many online tools and platforms such as Collaboard that make it possible to create, share and collaborate on vision boards digitally. 

What are some examples of vision board goals? 

Examples of Vision Board goals are professional success, health and fitness, personal development, travelling, family, friendships and creative projects.

What are the advantages of a digital vision board? 

Digital vision boards offer the ability to work online, easily update content, share it with others and access it from anywhere, improving collaboration and flexibility. 

What is a product vision board? 

A product vision board is a tool that is used to define and communicate the vision and goals for the development of a product or service. It helps to visualise the product concept and bring the team members onto a common path. 



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