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Universities in Lower Saxony rely on the online whiteboard Collaboard


Secure online whiteboard for education and research.

Collaboard and the Society for Scientific Data Processing mbH Göttingen (GWDG) announce their partnership. The common goal is to provide the online whiteboard for team collaboration to all universities in Lower Saxony, hosted in the Academic Cloud.

The responsible project manager at the GWDG, Ralph Krimmel, is pleased to be able to include a valuable tool for digital teaching and collaboration in the service portfolio for the new requirements: "The cooperation with Collaboard as a local partner is excellent and we are pleased to be able to cover the high demand for an online whiteboard with an offering directly in the Academic Cloud."

Collaboard is already in use at numerous European universities for collaborative activities and is used there by a wide variety of departments, teachers and researchers. Especially in virtual collaboration, Collaboard serves as a replacement and extension of the classic whiteboard or blackboard. The possible applications are wide-ranging: Digital teaching, planning meetings, online meetings and workshops, project work, agile working, visualization of research results, personnel development and much more.

The wide range of possible uses for the online whiteboard makes it all the more important to meet the increased data protection requirements of educational and research institutions. The GWDG and Collaboard have therefore decided to operate Collaboard directly at the GWDG on the Academic Cloud servers. This means that the data is stored exclusively in Germany and is protected by the GWDG in accordance with the high security requirements of the Academic Cloud.

In order to access Collaboard, students and employees only need a valid user ID (user name and password) from their university in Lower Saxony. Registration always takes place at the participant's institution. A transmission of passwords is therefore not necessary, which additionally increases the security when using the service.

Collaboard is now available to the current 120,000 active users of the Academic Cloud and can be used directly in the browser at https://whiteboard.academiccloud.de

All users have the opportunity to become Collaboard experts by taking part in a training course or to learn about the functions through self-study using numerous YouTube videos and regular webinars.

"We are very excited that, in accordance with our motto 'Great Minds Think Together', current and future great thinkers from the universities in Lower Saxony are working with Collaboard to create ideas, develop concepts, and plan and implement entire projects. We hope to provide another milestone in digital collaboration in the field of education and research," emphasizes Michael Görög, Co-Founder of Collaboard.


About Collaboard

Collaboard offers people a virtual space for visual collaboration and thinking. As an online whiteboard and team collaboration platform, Collaboard places a high focus on data protection and DSGVO compliance. Collaboard is available as "Software as a Service", hosted in various cloud environments (including the Open Telekom Cloud in Europe), or as a self-hosted solution. This allows organizations to run Collaboard themselves on-premises or in the cloud of their choice, giving them full control of all the data they create. Collaboard is a development of the Swiss software company IBV Informatik, Beratungs- und Vertriebs AG (IBV). IBV is a family-run corporation headquartered in the canton of Zurich and has been developing software since 1981 and launched Collaboard in 2016.

More information: https://www.collaboard.app

About Academic Cloud

The Academic Cloud has been available since 2018 as a collaboration platform for students and staff at universities in Lower Saxony and provides numerous services for data exchange and virtual collaboration in education and research. The project was realized in collaboration with the Lower Saxony State Working Group for Information Technology / University Computing Centers (LANIT/HRZ, more information at https://www.lanit-hrz.de) and is funded by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture.

More information: https://academiccloud.de

About GWDG

Theociety for Scientific Data Processing mbH Göttingen (GWDG) is a joint institution of the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen Foundation under Public Law and the Max Planck Society. It fulfills the function of a computing and IT competence center for the Max Planck Society and the university computing center for the University of Göttingen. Its scientific research tasks are in the field of applied computer science. It also promotes the training of specialists in information technology.

More information: https://www.gwdg.de/


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