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PowerPoint alternatives - The best tools (2023)

PowerPoint, developed by Microsoft, is widely regarded as the go-to program for creating presentations due to its extensive features. However, the software comes at a cost. Additionally, many individuals may find themselves growing tired of the repetitive approach to presenting with PowerPoint. Therefore, we are here to introduce some exciting alternatives that can help you infuse your presentations with fresh charm using a new tool. Apart from PowerPoint, there are several free online alternatives available that we will recommend as the best options.

PowerPoint Alternatives - Are they a real competition, and what are their advantages?

Are you asking yourself if there is a really good PowerPoint alternative? In the course of digitalization, there have indeed been more and more companies focusing on developing software for presentation creation for several years now. Some of them have now grown into global corporations and sell software solutions internationally that are strong PowerPoint competitors. Some solutions are even years ahead of PowerPoint. Which tool you work better with is, of course, up to you.

Outdated design templates

Everyone who has finished the classical school career and works with presentations afterward will know the PowerPoint design templates. They are not bad - but they seem outdated compared to modern templates. Another problem: The numerous editing options tempt to "play around". The result is colorful presentations with playful effects and animations that look unprofessional. Even before the first word, you run the risk of losing the attention of your audience. But what are the advantages of PowerPoint alternatives? 
PowerPoint is widely used, but not the ultimate. For example, it is not easy to use - especially for beginners. The application offers numerous icons, menu items, and functions.

Alternatives often more modern

There are alternative presentation software options available that provide a more user-friendly experience. These alternatives offer customizable functions and layouts, making it easier to design presentations that meet your needs. If you've ever struggled with placing objects in PowerPoint, you understand the frustration. Thankfully, with new presentation tools, you can better convey factual information and improve your audience's understanding.

Wide range of alternatives

There are numerous alternatives available in the market for creating presentations. Free alternatives for PowerPoint, programs for Mac, and apps for Apple or Android are just a few examples. Additionally, you can also find various online-only programs. As design is subjective, we have listed some alternative options for creating presentations apart from PowerPoint.


Collaboard's whiteboard provides a wide range of options and functions as a digital substitute for PowerPoint.

Looking for an alternative to PowerPoint that you can access online? We recommend Collaboard's online whiteboard. It's perfect for creating presentations on the go or collaborating with others. The whiteboard helps you visualize and organize your thoughts and easily share them with others. You can add your ideas to the whiteboard anytime and work on them with your team in real time. 

Neben dem Whiteboard von Collaboard gibt es weitere Online-Programme, die Du alternativ nutzen kannst.

But Collaboard isn't the only option out there. Prezi is another great online alternative that lets you create presentations without any installations. All you need is an internet connection to get started. Prezi is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Alternatively, if you have a Google account, you can use Google Slides as an online-offline tool that's simple to use. It offers different design templates and text slide options, along with other effects. Plus, you can easily upload PowerPoint documents to it.


Create presentations for free with these PowerPoint alternatives

Probably one of the best-known free counterparts to Microsoft Office is the PowerPoint alternative OpenOffice. The desktop program for creating presentations offers regular updates with improvements. OpenOffice can work with many formats and Microsoft Office files can also be imported and exported.

If you're searching for a Mac PowerPoint alternative that won't cost you anything, Keynote and Haiku are both great options. Keynote is available for free to all Apple users and is already installed on your device. It has a variety of features that are similar to PowerPoint and is nearly as comprehensive. On the other hand, Haiku is an AI-powered tool that generates images and designs that are tailored to your subject matter. It's designed to prioritize aesthetics, so you can enhance your presentations with filters to make them more visually appealing.

If you want to work on a presentation with several users at the same time, desktop variants are not the right choice for you. Then you should better opt for the whiteboard from Collaboard or one of the other online alternatives.


PowerPoint alternatives for Android and Apple

Anyone who works a lot in a home office or on the road knows it: A well-equipped workplace is worth its weight in gold. Effective work is best done on a PC or notebook. This ensures extensive and easy editing of documents and files.

Nevertheless, office apps have a raison d'être. In this day and age, they are the "mobile office". This also applies to PowerPoint alternatives for Android and Apple.

Are you looking for a PowerPoint alternative for Android? Then the app Showpad is suitable. It allows users to compile and share different content with a tablet user. Showpad is also a PowerPoint alternative for Apple.

Thanks to its optimized user interface for mouse and keyboard and touch interfaces on tablets and large interactive displays, you can use Collaboard on all devices, which is why the whiteboard can also be used on Android and Apple. If the device supports drawing and writing with a digital pen, Collaboard also offers special features for a natural ink experience.


Conclusion: Choice of PowerPoint alternatives very good

There are many good alternatives to PowerPoint available on the market. All of them focus on different functions. Ultimately, depending on your work habits, industry, and personal preferences, different tools are suitable for creating presentations. Some alternatives even offer you more possibilities than PowerPoint. Therefore, it is worthwhile to test new programs and use different tools as a supplement to PowerPoint.


PowerPoint Alternatives - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What are the free alternatives to PowerPoint?

There are some free alternatives to PowerPoint. The best known are Prezi, Keynote, Haiku, Google Slides or the whiteboard from Collaboard. Depending on which functions you want to use, the often free basic version of the respective programs is sometimes sufficient. 

Which tools are better than PowerPoint?

There are tools that allow better creation of presentations and increase the attention of viewers, as well as being easier to use. Which alternative for PowerPoint is the best solution for you depends on your needs.

What are the most popular PowerPoint alternatives?

Among the most popular alternatives to the classic PowerPoint are Prezi, Google Slides, Keynote and Haiku. OpenOffice programs are also a good alternative, as is Collaboard's online-only whiteboard.

Why is an online whiteboard a good PowerPoint alternative?

In PowerPoint, a presentation is created in a linear fashion. One slide follows the next and there are few possibilities to break out of this rigid sequence. An online whiteboard, on the other hand, offers an infinite whiteboard canvas on which slides can be arranged in different sizes and in any sequence. This brings more freedom and flexibility to present content and tell stories. Additionally, an online whiteboard offers various interaction possibilities where you can seamlessly switch between presentation and interaction. This makes presentations more lively and engages the audience more.


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