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About solutionIT managed security GmbH

solutionIT managed security GmbH (later called solutionIT) operates and supports IT security environments for customers in all industries and all customer sizes, as well as geographical locations. Support is provided in a co-managed service operation, working both remotely within the customer environments and on-site. The main component of the customer offering is "hybrid cloud" services, which are operated in the company's own data center near Hamburg and supplemented by "public cloud" offerings. The team of solutionIT managed security GmbH provides a team of specialists to the customer side, which helps in the daily operation. The conviction is to work together with the customers in order to let their security environment grow with the core business and to keep the security standard permanently at a high level. 

Why Collaboard?

Stephan Lehniger Managing Partner at solutionIT:

"We originally looked for an online whiteboard for our customer, a municipal school. Schools are investing in building an IT infrastructure, but digital education is still a long way off. Documents that were previously printed out are now displayed on digital whiteboards, but there is no collaboration. We want to change that," says Stephan Lehniger, Managing Partner at solutionIT.

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No more version chaos

Working in the Managed Service area is always very team-based. There are different customer situations in which it is important to develop an idea together, which is why an online whiteboard is also a valuable tool at solutionIT. Stephan Lehniger remembers the time before Collaboard was introduced: "We only offer our customers what we use ourselves. During the research for the municipal school, we realized the advantages of an online whiteboard. It was hardly possible to collaborate in a team with the existing media. We created a sketch in Paint or PowerPoint, saved it, and sent it. On the one hand, that took an incredible amount of time, and on the other hand, there were ultimately countless files and versions circulating at once."    

Collaboard as the only on-premises provider

solutionIT operates its own data centers, which is why only on-premises hosted online whiteboards come into question. The data is stored at solutionIT, which saves the customer a lot of effort in terms of data protection. Collaboard is the only solution on the market that offers this, so the decision for Collaboard was quickly clear.  
There were no challenges during the implementation of Collaboard. The contact was smooth. "We always felt directly noticed. It was an open and pleasant interaction. The whole contact was great" says Stephan Lehniger. 
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Areas of application for Collaboard at solutionIT

All customers always go through the same onboarding process at solutionIT and there was no overview of the daily status of where customers are currently in the process. Unfortunately, the project management tools cannot clearly display these process steps. In Collaboard, all phases of the onboarding process are now included graphically. Every morning there is a short team meeting to bring each other up to speed. With Collaboard, the meeting has become much more efficient.  

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A tool with future

But Collaboard also serves the management to quickly get an impression of the current most important concerns - without having to go deeper into the topics.  
In the future, server reviews and all presentations with customers will also take place in Collaboard.  
Stephan Lehniger emphasizes: "My employees come to me with ideas on how we can still use Collaboard. This shows me that the decision to use Collaboard was absolutely right. In every work process where Collaboard is used, it is noticeable how more efficient and flexible we are."