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Make hybrid meetings & workshops more efficient with Collaboard

BKK GILDEMEISTER SEIDENSTICKER is German health insurance company with over 480 employees at two locations. For quite some time, BKK GILDEMEISTER SEIDENSTICKER has been considering using an online whiteboard as one of the tools in its digitalization strategy.

The change in working in the pandemic has pushed the issue hard, as meetings have been exclusively digital.

As a statutory health insurance company, BKK GILDEMEISTER SEIDENSTICKER has high data security requirements, which Collaboard meets.


Sabine Ballay

"We had evaluated various whiteboard applications based on a catalog of criteria. Collaboard met all our requirements and the users really appreciated the self-explanatory and user-friendly interface. We were also able to convince the data protection officer with Collaboard's Swiss hosting."

Sabine Ballay - Corporate Development/ Quality Management at BKK GILDEMEISTER SEIDENSTICKER

It quickly became clear that we needed an online whiteboard that could do more than that of a conference platform


Thank you, Ms. Ballay, for taking the time to share your experience with the Collaboard online whiteboard.

What tools did you use for virtual collaboration before Collaboard?

Before Collaboard, we used project management software and standard office tools to collaborate and manage tasks on our projects. We tried the whiteboard on our conference platform and quickly realized that it was not sufficient for our way of working.


For what reason have you considered using online whiteboards for virtual collaboration?

We had been considering using an online whiteboard as part of our digitalization strategy for some time.

An internal survey showed that many of our employees would like a digital whiteboard, as this was still missing from our online collaboration toolkit.

Since we were doing meetings digitally only due to the Corona pandemic, the topic became a high priority.


Simplicity, look and feel, and range of functions as decisive criteria for Collaboard


How did you go about the evaluation and selection process for online whiteboard software? What steps did you follow?

Since many have already had experience with online whiteboard solutions, we collected ideas internally and compiled use cases. Based on these, we created a requirements catalog.

Certain tools from abroad were out of the question for us as a German statutory health insurance company due to regulatory requirements.

We evaluated three online whiteboard solutions in more detail and tested them against our requirements. Two of the three solutions we considered offered a very similar scope. Functionally, there was a stalemate, so to speak.

What were the decisive criteria for you to choose Collaboard?

We chose Collaboard because the user interface is self-explanatory and user-friendly. Our test users liked the colorful and innovative interface look better than the competitors.

In addition, we were convinced by the fast support in German, the public roadmap (with the voting and feedback functions), as well as the free webinars and many YouTube videos.

Use Cases and Benefits

How is Collaboard currently used at BKK GILDEMEISTER SEIDENSTICKER?

We use Collaboard for many different scenarios.

We use Collaboard for hybrid workshops to generate ideas, develop new products and coordinate in project groups.

Internally, we have also done polls and used the voting and rating functions for that.
It's also hard to imagine team meetings and discussions without Collaboard.

It's great when all employees work together interactively on the board, create presentations and are creative together.


If you look a few years into the future. How do you think people will work at BKK?

I think the shift towards hybrid working is sustainable. The pandemic was an accelerant, but home office, mobile working would have taken hold over time one way or another.

That's why it's important that we use solutions like Collaboard and train and empower our employees internally to use them efficiently.


Added value and recommendation

What "take-away" would you like to share with other potential Collaboard customers who are also looking at implementing an online whiteboard solution?

Collaboard is something you should check out. The personal contact with the team on-site and the support are excellent. The solution evolves quickly, and customer needs are addressed. Collaboard offers the personal support we need for such a solution to be successful internally.



BKK GILDEMEISTER SEIDENSTICKER is the health insurance company of people for people. We act according to this claim.

BKK GILDEMEISTER SEIDENSTICKER was founded in Bielefeld over 130 years ago and today serves around 230,000 customers. The popularity of the largest company health insurance fund in East Westphalia-Lippe extends far beyond the region's borders. Especially in the Lake Constance region, BKK GILDEMEISTER SEIDENSTICKER has firmly established itself. Today, more than 480 employees work at the company's locations in Bielefeld and Friedrichshafen and are committed to meeting customers' needs daily.