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ibv gebaeude

Our reality
was born in 1981

As a Swiss and family owned software company, our main goal is to support companies in the automation of business processes tailored to their business needs. 

We want to build systems in order to support the business growth.

Why Collaboard?

Simply because we think that collaboration in teams is fundamental to manage projects and gain goals. Moreover, we know that working together has to be easy and quickly also for teams that are apart. 

collaboration image

Collaboard is the result of collaboration between teams located in different parts of the world on our powerful online whiteboard.

Great minds
think together

Innovation is driven more than ever by team efforts. When humans work together, they can achieve great things. We believe, with the digitization of everything, that people need passion, creativity, experience, new work methodologies and tools to be effective when working together. 

We are Collaboard team

Part of the family owned Swiss IT company IBV, that is developing software solutions since 1981 and has always been a pioneer in the adaption of new technologies. With the spirit of a young start up, we are here to help you and your team achieve more!

At Collaboard we want to provide companies a clean, easy to use and well designed tool to be more productive when working together from everywhere. Thanks to our platform, everybody can collaborate remotely without boundaries and achieve great results. 

Our mission is to achieve great results when working remotely and Collaboard helps organizations to create new ideas, plan, conceptualize and drive innovative results. 

We are a Swiss company and values are very important to us. We want to business with a human approach, respecting everyone's strengths and weaknesses. One of our main goals is to combine them to achieve in a team something more meaningful than what a single person is capable of.