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Collaboard on-premises

Collaboard is an online whiteboard which you can host in your infrastructure. 

Operate Collaboard Online Whiteboard in your own environment based on your individual needs.

With the on-premises solution of Collaboard, you can store all the data in your data centres and ensure highest data security.

Collaboard on-premises is available for Windows and Linux.


Easy Deployment

Using industry-standard container or virtualized deployment. Automatic or managed Updates fully controlled at your site. 

High Data-Security

High Data-Security

Fully meets your security and compliance requirements including API, Database, File System and User Security.


User Directories

Collaboard integrates with your user directories. Authentication according to your policies. Single Sign-On support with SAML and ADFS.


Managed File Transfer

High-performance and secure upload/download of files. 


Local Environment

Can run in a local environment with or without external Internet access.


Storing of Data

Full control where and how data is stored in your environment.