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Collaborate on everything with your team on the go. Create ideas for new products, design sketches, and even create simple wireframes.

Collaboard helps you break down barriers and break through the pain points of collaborative design processes. Speed up the design process by mapping out your next product on the online whiteboard. 

Research - Product Development Strategy

Gather valuable insights about your target audience to create a more strategic product development plan. Share findings by visualizing them directly to your boards!


Product Design - Sketching & Wireframing

Sketching and wireframing is a design process that can speed up the design of any product. It is great for exploring ideas before you get to "the nitty gritty" of designing something more intricate.


Product Development - Prototyping & Mockups

Designers and product managers need to be able to present their ideas in a way that is both informative and interactive. Collabord allows people to get a better idea of what your product,  app, or website might look like in the future.


Secure Product Design Tool

Collaboard is the leading online whiteboard for product design, development, research, and ideation that offers cloud and on-premises hosting - 100% GDPR compliant.



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We offer you a 14-day free trial for your whole team. You can start without adding any credit card, no strings attached. 

Collaboards' Features for
Product Design

Increase user adoption, fulfill security requirements, and leverage your custom integration of one of our supported audio- and videoconference solution in Collaboard.

With your customized version of Collaboard, you provide the best online whiteboard experience for your organization.

Sticky Notes for Brainstorming

Brainstorming is an important step in the creative process. Use our sticky notes to add your ideas. Make a list, divide it into sections, and create a hierarchy for major tasks; each color represents a different level of urgency. Don't forget to add all your thoughts!

Sketch and Draw

You can visualize your product ideas by sketching them and drawing on the whiteboard the prototype of your next product (just like a real-life engineering board). Stop drawing on your imagination, start drawing on Sketch and Draw!

One Source for Information


Put all data you collect during the design process of your new product on the endless online whiteboard. You can add links or embed external content directly on the board. Collaboard becomes the place from where you find the information needed.



Everybody can add comments to the content on your whiteboard canvas. Every comment provides you with a chat feature. Share fast your opinion and discuss details of the product design with your team. 

Vote and Rate


Figuring out what the team likes the most is difficult in a remote setting. Leverage the voting and rating feature in Collaboard to quickly assess what your team thinks and which product ideas are the best.

Presentation Mode


When it is time to present your ideas, your prototypes or your new product, do it directly with the online whiteboard. No need to create a PowerPoint presentation. Leverage the presentation mode in Collaboard to create an interactive presentation for your audience. 

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