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Collaboard Virtual Appliance: Merging Top-Notch Security with Easy Deployment

In contemporary corporate collaboration, the surge in remote and hybrid work models has catapulted the demand for digital tools that are effective in bringing teams together and steadfast in safeguarding sensitive corporate data.

Posts by Gianluca Centulani

Collaboard: A Strategic Choice in Secure Online Collaboration

An online whiteboard is a key element of every collaboration-tool strategy. In this article we outline why organization choose...

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Why Collaboard is the World's Most Secure Online Whiteboard

In the digital age, collaboration tools have become indispensable for government, defense, businesses, educational institutions,...

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Collaboard Now Available on Iron Bank

Exciting news for organizations that prioritize security! Collaboard, the renowned collaboration platform, is now available for...

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Collaboard Integration with Cisco Board Pro

As the digital transformation continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, businesses worldwide are seeking robust, flexible,...

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Secure Collaboration: Rocket.Chat and Collaboard join Forces

In today's fast-paced work environment, effective collaboration is essential for success. Rocket.Chat and Collaboard, two...

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Secure Cloud Collaboration - Confidential Cloud

With the rapid adoption of cloud technologies, businesses are increasingly seeking secure and efficient collaboration solutions...
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