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FAQ when rolling out a company-wide online whiteboard answered by an expert

Learn about different aspects you need to consider when rolling out an online whiteboard solution in your company or public institution.

Did you start lately using an online whiteboard solution with your team? Do you think a tool like this should be a strategic element of your online collaboration tool-kit?

If you answer both questions with yes, then this webinar on 15th April at 5 p.m. CET will be useful for you. Michael Görög - online whiteboard expert and Co-Founder of Collaboard - will tackle the relevant questions different stakeholders need to answer when selecting an online whiteboard provider, like:


❓ Who will use the online whiteboard?

❓ Which use cases does the online whiteboard support?

❓ How many licenses do we need?

❓ Where are the data stored the user upload to the online whiteboard?

❓ Do we need to restrict the data uploaded or entered? What about confidential data, data of our clients?

❓ How secure is the solution we are going to use?


Michael will share his experience based on the numerous online whiteboard implementation projects he managed.

Plus you have the opportunity to ask your questions to the expert directly.

We look forward to having you join us for our next webinar.


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